Tiny Travels with T!

~I’m just a tiny girl in a big world!

Welcome to my tiny blog 🙂11885333_10155963644480444_245118034036241961_n

I wrote my first poem when I was just a kid and had a published poem by the age of 15 on a poetry site. My first travel article was published in a high school newsletter that same year. I wrote about a school trip to Paris… which I didn’t even attend. I went to Hawaii instead because the cost was much cheaper. My passion and desire to travel the world burned deep in my guts at an early age and I knew I wouldn’t be fulfilled unless I saw everything this magnificent planet has to offer.

Traveling and writing go hand in hand so naturally, you would think I might follow this path… but no… I stopped writing.

I didn’t write for years. I forgot about poetry. I forgot about those words that I had written as a kid.

I went to college to become a Dental Assistant because I wanted a “good job” and that’s what I was always told to do. So I just picked something. I was stuck in a profession that I didn’t like for over 7 years… why? Money. Everything comes down to money. As a Dental Assistant, you make a decent living. But when I realized I was following the wrong path it didn’t take too long for me to snap out of it and change something.

After my first year as a CDA, when I was 23 years old, I quit my first dental office, traveled to the South Pacific and saw 7 countries in 9 months. It was absolutely incredible!

Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos…what an amazing experience it was and I traveled alone most of the time. I really grew as a person and learned a lot about myself. I’ve also traveled to Mexico a few times as well and went to a couple of places in the US… and after a good try at the Dental gig and a bunch of different offices, I retired from Dentistry.



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Now I am aspiring to become a successful writer and I would love to share my journey with you 🙂 I’d rather work towards entrepreneurship and build a well-performing business. My dream is to travel the world and write about it. Follow along as I build my first Travel Blog. Join me in the beginning stages of how you can create a simple website, become a better writer and give useful content to build a loyal following. Then, to the money-making part of all this. The light at the end of the tunnel when all the hard work is rewarded with wonderful people and a new way of life.

You can follow on Twitter @tinytanyaT, Instagram OR check out my Facebook page The tiny writer for writing tips, links and other related topics that have helped me in my journey to become a successful writer. Get free updates right to your inbox today! I would love to hear your story as well. Let’s get connected!

216827_216968361651196_1883003_nMy aim is to reach those people who are also aiming to create a fun, bold and resourceful website. The only way to learn these steps is to connect with those who are on the same path and follow the people who have already benefited from their successes. We can learn and teach together!
Sharing is caring ❤

Super vs. Brooks 139


~It’s time to find my inner poet once again. I have a wealth of awesome stories to tell, a mind full of poetry and I’m ready to follow my true path as a writer. Travel writing, freelance, poetry, short stories… you name it I’m writin’ it!! And I thank my Mom for encouraging me to write again. Where would I be without my Mommy? THANK YOU!!

So here I am in front of a big world and I am ready to tell my story. I hope you enjoy the tales of T! :)~

The tiny writer xo

123 thoughts on “Tiny Travels with T!

  1. Nice story Tiny you have.
    I love solo travelling and want to keep it solo forever.
    There are some communities where solo travellers meet and decide where to go next time and then they become normal travellers.
    I want to explore the world my way and will try my best to narrate the travel stories as like you.

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