Is this the end of the world? In morbid dreams…

~Dreams of a time traveller… And then I cried…

end of the world

When I realised all the trees were gone

When the oceans became riddled with poisons and plastic

When the children had no one to care for them.


rhino lonesome-george elephant

Will they ever listen to me?


One day I walked outside to see the ghostlike streets and the abandoned houses.

There were no more daughters, sons nor spouses.

The people had fled from their homes to run from the rising seas.

Gunfire, explosions and casualties.

I rose  above to watch over thee… but unfortunately no more were we.

The rhinos, turtles and elephants were diminished and the governments were finally finished… they had nothing left to be.

Destroyed, deployed and everyone is annoyed.

We had no way to stop them… did we?

It was the end and we lost our friends. No more could we find hope or faith for free.

Our dreams, our thoughts and independence came at a steep price, for we as a whole could not suffice.

Now we look back and grumble in spite,

For the end was here and now it’s forever night.



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