Poetry contest looser~it’s ok I’ll repost anyway! :)

poetry in my head~The poetry in my head~ By: Tanya Brooks

Here we are hand in hand; we dig our feet into the sand.

We earn to live and live to earn, so our glorious lives can take the right turn.

But in my head a verse repeats about the cattle and the herding sheep

About the children who have to starve and the soldiers whose minds are continuously carved…

Into the night they march and scream

While our rivers are poisoned just like our oceans and streams.

The tears are there and the good, we cry…

And all the while chemtrails line the sky.

12 year olds in mini shirts… kids with guns who want to hurt.

I think of those who are suffering… oh wait, Netflix is buffering!

Cell phones, ringtones and the newest things,

Millionaires and diamond rings.

The innocent and the systems unjust,

And what… in the government we’re supposed to trust?

An empty space where a man once stood… we can’t be homeless

*Knock on wood*

But it’s not too late, we can change the world!

Let us come together for those young boys and girls

All we have to do is change our plan,

The way of life… the way of man.

Rainbow warriors unite to make a stand!! Here we are still hand in hand

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