~In a mothers eyes~

a3a81c2aec0b11e28a5c22000a1f8acf_7~Although my dear mother lives far away, just one phone call and she makes everything ok.

~At times when I am plagued with sorrows and self doubt, she reminds me of what I am all about.

Just a few things to remind you of who you are” she writes. And the tears, well… they become hard to fight.

~For with her words she fills my heart with love and pride… and no longer from the world I try to hide.

“Don’t let anyone say or do anything to change you. I love you just the way you are.”

~Oh Mommy… you are my bright and shining star~

~In her envelope I see… report cards, pictures and essays written all by a younger me.

“Be happy for you, not anyone else. LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU….” her voice rings in my head like soft lovely bells.

~I cry and cry tears of joy, for she helps me realize that I am not meant to be annoyed…

by all the woes that weigh on my heart, for with each tomorrow there’s always a fresh start 🙂

~I have so much respect for she sure raised me right!~

~I remember I must hold on to my hopes and dreams real tight.

~Now I know why she is so proud of me… because she was right, I can be anything I want to be.

~I can fulfill my every wish and desire, I can raise myself up even higher,

~For I have the greatest mother a girl could ever need.untitled

~I am her little flower she grew from just a tiny seed.~





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