~An invisible battle with silent struggles~ The anxious one

The Anxiety:what-is-anxiety-disorder

Within the depths of the belly, a fear creeps up to the chestANXIETY-ALWAYS

The heart flutters and then skips a beat


A paralysis sets in

The cheeks are flushed with pain

Breathing is now shallow; gasps

The anxiety takes a hold of me again

Trembling hands

Try to breathe

Oh once I felt no emotional stress until suddenly one day someone mentally broke me

A curse was cast upon a normal beating pulse

erratic lung pulses…

I must speak out for this is no doubt; an uncomfortable way of living

A single conversation or tone of voice sets the body into a shaky vessel like a ship storm struck at sea … ugh so many rollercoasters all at once!

Motion sicknessBrain

So to those who struggle along with me, I feel you

For this society has set forth a global ANXIETY. Bastards.

And so we continue to struggle through…



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