All these QUESTIONS?

~Questions. Questions! Questions?

QuestionsDear Journal:

I have neglected you for so long. Now I have empty journals piling up and … I’ve lost my words.

All these questions running through my head…

What are we doing? What is this life? Are we the living dead?

Zombie apocalypse, the ice aged solar moon eclipse.

Text necks and getting high in our eyes on chap stick for chapped lips?

No. I choose a different path instead.

But still… there are so many questions spinning around my head.

What do I write? Will the people read my words? Will my… my philosophy… will it be heard?

Am I striving for a specific goal or jumping through an eternal black hole? I still don’t know…

The universe rips to shreds.

Clean the toxins and make our own beds.

NO! We ARE NOT… dead…


Let each and every person do what they love… yes reach for the stars high above

…for it was not a lie.

Our parents, oh how they tried

To teach us every wrong from right… Now let us all stand up and fight!!

For yes, our mothers taught us well and only the hands of time will tell… our triumphant end at the everlasting finish line

Let all of us regain our strengths… our minds.

For it is time.

To answer ALL of these questions running through our heads

Will we let us be taken by the technology? The money? The meds?

So what do I write about when the topics are running thin… and the same words have been read yet again?

Nothing changes and we just stand idle and let it be so…

I must look to my inner desires and passions and write only what I know.

We must find the true path within.


So many questions.

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