Thursday Thoughts: Just a tiny girl in a big cruel world

~There are so many crazy things going on in our world today. Sometimes it’s so hard to keep a positive outlook on life. I keep thinking and hoping things will change but, what can I do as a single person?images90QLCEXS

I’m just a tiny girl. Just a speck in this vast universe that is slowly being destroyed. Here I stand at 5 foot zero… how can I make a difference while the world towers over me? I keep carrying this weight on my shoulders and straining my neck every time I look up for that droplet of hope to fall on my cheek.

There are hundreds of thousands of conservation projects underway and yet, animals are still dying in large numbers. Our oceans, rivers and streams are being poisoned everyday and people are dying all over the world due to pollution and hunger. Is there anything we can do to stop all of the chemicals from seeping into our lives? Our food? Our water?

How come everything is crumbling before our eyes regardless off all the efforts that are being accomplished? Is there simply nothing we can do to stop the earth from being destroyed?

When I started fundraising and getting involved with non-profit organizations that’s when I figured it out. A lot of people stopped talking to me and stopped liking certain posts about fundraising. I reached out to family members and friends to help with the causes I am so passionate about but the response was not what I’d hoped for. The majority of people I reached out to weren’t interested in getting involved… and the reason was always money.

The root of all evil.

On a larger scale that’s what the main problem is. Despite all the efforts that are being made, most people won’t or can’t get involved.

So here I am. Just one tiny girl dancing in the middle of a full-scale, world-wide problem.

What else can I do? How can I spread this message? How can I get more people involved?

What do WE all do?

I ask you this: How can we change the world?

Is it possible?

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