~Good Morning Monday~

~Good Morning Monday

A new week has begun

I am grateful today for the glorious sun

We have been spoiled this summer

but global warning’s a huge bummer

What is the cost for such fun?

I always recycle and compost what I can

but sadly this beautiful earth is being destroyed by our fellow man

Big oil sands only a province away

Chemtrails line our blue skies everyday

Toxic waste in our water and some days seem so much hotter

I don’t remember them ever being this way

What can I do? Do I spread this sad news?

Or do I boast about positive change?

How do we get the message across

to the people who only care about the costs

… of their bills and their cars and their marble lined bars

Do they even realise what’s going on?

Do they see this great sun and just think, “Oh another day has begun!”

Do they mindlessly go mow their lawns?

Do they hear my concerns or think about how the world turns?

Do they see the sadness behind the hot sun?imagesV2J8HM0S

My body feels heat but my heart skips a beat when I think of the pain that’s so strong…

We all must wake up each day so let us figure out a way

To work together and make a positive change

As lucky as we are… the next generation won’t get very far

if we keep on going this same way…

So today I thank the skies for staying alive

and the sun for lighting up my day

For if these words reach one or two souls

Maybe… just maybe

… they may be so bold

And share their thoughts on how we can save

…all the beautiful days.meditation-277889_1280

May your week be full of purpose and love xo

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