My journey to becoming a writer. Part 3: The premature post… Oops!

~I’ve been getting so excited about my writing lately that I just want to post something everyday. I’m finding that even though I read over my work countless times I still end up posting prematurely.

Oops I used some profanity there… maybe I should take that out…portrait-317041_1280

Oops I just posted something and I used the wrong word in this sentence… that doesn’t make sense…

Ooops I just used 3 O’s in the word Oops and that’s not really a word and now I don’t sound professional uh oh…

And so goes the writers worries.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to… everything! I can write a post very quickly but then spend hours editing. So why on earth am I still missing my mistakes?

I’m just really excited I guess!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and other articles from different sites and it looks like grammar is a big issue for a lot of people. There are a bunch of articles that just get butchered by “grammar police” but the article itself is actually really good.

So when is it appropriate to twist up the grammar in a blog post? There is so much slang out there that is linked to humorous and sarcastic material that the grammar needs to be a little bit off to come across that way.

I personally like articles that are slightly askew 🙂 Am I using that word right?

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit twisted and crazy myself I don’t know…


In my journey to becoming a successful writer this key element is something I must master. It turns out I don’t really want to look like a buffoon when I’m trying to be funny. I want to be funny and be aware of my grammatical mistakes which will most likely happen from time to time.

I must also learn to slow down. Patience is extremely important in creating a piece of work. It speaks loudly of your character. Something that is rushed or poorly edited can make or break the article. It could even cut it out of the running when trying to get an actual paid writing job.

Here are some sites I’ve looked through to help me with this process:

Thanks Google!

I wonder what happened back in the day when the ancient Egyptians had to write hieroglyphics on pyramids or when cavemen had to carve their work into stones. What happened if you made a mistake then? How the heck would you correct it??images3

Does it drive you crazy when you see bad grammar?

Is it suitable to shake it up every now and then? What is your technique?

Other suggestions are definitely welcome!

What is your opinion on grammar in blogging?


I am completely open to constructive feedback so let me know what you thought about my article today… or any other articles for that matter 🙂 Sharing is caring!

Happy writing xo

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