~Thursday Thoughts: What if we all did our part?~

I hesitated writing this post on the off-chance I might sound too self-righteous or something… but then I wrote it anyways!

~There are thousands and thousands of organizations out there trying to better our planet. We see wildlife conservation, child sponsorship, local volunteer projects and so on. Yet, our world as we know it is crumbling before we very eyes. Why?

Is it our Governments and politicians? images

Is it Monsanto?


Is it criminals and liars?

Or is it us?

What if we could live in a world without war or famine? What if we could all just throw away our materialistic behaviour and start playing a role… even just a small part in our uprising?

What if we ALL did our part?

I wrote a post at the beginning of the year called “T’s top 10 must-do’s for the new year 2014”


stating some of the projects I’ve decided to get involved with and some other self-love type activities we can all do to heighten our senses and think about ourselves on another level. I thought I could encourage people to get up and do something!

It only got 1 “like” and none of my Facebook friends even read it. Was I being to presumptuous to think people would care or even take my suggestions seriously? Did I sound too cocky?cocky


I have no idea. And I still don’t really know how to get more people on board to better our planet.

So here I sit. Writing my heart out each and every week… posting on my Facebook, linking my blog to my Twitter account hoping that somewhere out there someone might take a look at my message and say “That girl is right! I need to make a difference somehow!!”


But alas, my journey seems to be one of my very own and I probably sound like I think am better than other people or even arrogant at times. Which I am not. I am no better than anyone else trying to make a change… trying to get more people involved. Why don’t others see this and get involved?

I keep thinking back to my “Save the Sea Turtles” campaign. My close friend literally told me that it looked like I was just taking people’s money to go on a vacation. How could something so good look so bad? How many other people look at me and think that? Do I sound like I am just toot’n my own horn here??

imagesS5JDATI3I tested my Facebook feed one week and posted a few pictures. One of my new haircut and a post about “no poo” which is removing all chemicals from my hair and everyday life in general. Then I posted about a new job opportunity. Then I posted a heart-felt message about fundraising and child sponsorship seeking support from my friends and family.

Well guess which posts got the most “likes” and guess which one was completely ignored.

I guess the whole “Hey I’m doing this great thing and you should do some great things too” approach is not working 😦

So, what do we do? Any suggestions?

And here’s to the people who dedicate their lives to World Aid. They are the real heroes on this planet ❤ I hope to make this my life sooner rather than later so I can really show people what we are ALL capable of 🙂

Happy writing!



2 thoughts on “~Thursday Thoughts: What if we all did our part?~

  1. Alright, so even though this is an old post I have to say I completely agree with you!! Are we as humans really so shallow? My blog is about my adventures into building a Non Profit organisation in Ghana. I am currently running a fundraiser on Indiegogo and guess what? It doesn’t seem like many people (my own friends) are bothered to donate $1. I suppose we live in a world that is geared to a band wagon type of mentality. Apparently its not cool to support things like fundraisers or life changing organisations, hahaha….I say that with the most sarcastic tone in the world!!

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    • Well I sure am glad I’m not alone. I really felt shunned by some of my peers. Even now I am trying to start a writing career to make a difference and no one close to me seems to care. :/ Thanks for commenting I appreciate the insight even if it is an old post 🙂 I actually love when people take time to read some of my older posts so THANK YOU xo Cheers hun ~T I wish you well in your fundraiser!


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