~Good Morning Monday~

~Good Morning Monday~

Thank you for waking me with your warm illumination

illuminateToday a day of creation with electric sensations throughout the blood work of my veins

Words and thoughts of temptation

A damned nation

Caffeine, nicotine, gasoline, money fiends and fields of green

Lock away your consciousness never to be seen

Never let that be

We must keep our keen minds free

Tranquil spirits of vivid color and majestic nature will prevail

Nocturnal creature

Be the teacher of the rights and wrongs

Children will sing the songs of perseverance

If we only let this presence be

Unique personality

Raising vibrations to the up rise and celebration



Open more radical doors and feel the hopelessness seep through the floor boards

Down way down

To the hot molten core

From the depths we are reincarnated

Forever more

Open your magnificent wings and continue to soar

Rise above the sun

For the week has only just begun

Dream of fairies and love all of the present magic ❤

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