Thursday Thoughts: A Fairy Tale

images~There once was a magical land full of wonder, pure happiness and brilliant fairies of all kinds. It was called Panallia.

Painted with vibrant colors and sparkling skin the fairies would fly around in the deepest of dreams spreading love and peace. Content in their ways the fairies did not concern themselves with materialistic things, jealousy or violence because fairies (as you may know) are a very peaceful bunch.

The fairy lands were a wondrous sight indeed, with floating mountains high above the fluffy white clouds and trickling waterfalls that were crystal clear. The fairies would fly from tuft to tuft landing on the soft velvety moss with their tiny bare feet giggling all along the way. Glorious purple, red and pink flowers were scattered throughout the patches of lime green grass and under beautiful swaying trees which sang the songs of the land as the warm wind blew through their strong branches. The shining sun was always in the sky during the day and when night finally engulfed the majestic lands hanging in mid-air, the stars above were brighter than any human could ever see.

One small fairy in particular worried about the incredible landscapes that her and her family had come to love and cherish. Her name was Lanolind, the red fairy healer. Lanolind was a special dream fairy who protected the hearts of the children on earth down below the lands of Panallia. She dedicated her life to them, saved their innocence and dusted them with hope and magic so they could fulfill their desires and dreams of the future. And of course, she helped them to believe in fairy tales, for that was what made Panallia prosper and radiate its magnificence. It was how its existence thrived.

But alas, Lanolind found that it was becoming more and more difficult to instill hope into the poor children and began to realise the kids were no longer holding onto their hopes and dreams. Her magical fairy dust was being blocked by darkness and she could not figure out how to regain the light in their hearts. Dreams were forgotten and hope was lost. Even the lands of Panallia started to look darker and the flowers could no longer dance as they used to. The days seemed shorter and the wind became cool.

The children were becoming stagnant and they were no longer open to their own dreams nor did they believe in themselves. And so, they did not believe in fairy tales. Something had to be done.

So, Lanolind gathered a group of 3 other fairies to a meeting on the main mountain of Panallia, where bright blue dragon flies mingled with other insects and multicolored butterflies rested on yellow daisies. The meeting was called to discuss a shift in consciousness. To find a solution to the darkness that clouded the young minds on earth. The 4 fairies formed a circle facing each other and planted themselves on brown bulbous mushroom seats.

“They do not believe in us anymore. And worst of all… they no longer dream!” Cried Lanolind in her high-pitched voice as the other fairies quivered. A few gasps filled the fresh air and the fairies glanced back and forth exchanging fearful looks to one another.

For if the children no longer believed in fairy tales and hope for the future, then the fairies would fade away out of existence never to be thought of again.  Dreams would forever die and innocence would be lost for all eternity.

“What can we do?” Whispered Ezla, the purple fairy who cared for the animals.

All of the fairies remained silent.

No one knew what to do and each fairy lowered their wings in defeat one by one. Was there simply nothing they could do?

Hours and hours passed until finally Alarna, the golden fairy of light, shot up into the air and squealed as loud as she could.

“I’ve got it!” She exclaimed.

All of the pretty fairies locked their eyes on Alarna’s golden glow, anxiously awaiting her solution for this awful occurrence. As she lowered herself back down onto a silky mushroom top she opened her arms and slowly waved her wand in a circle creating a golden funnel of illumination in the center of the fairies.

“We will make the adults believe in us again!” She said confidently.

The 3 fairies looked at one another again with doubt splashed across their delicate faces.

“But how will we do that?” Asked Baltinda, the flower fairy full of ruffles and flower petals hung around her tiny frame.

Alarna smiled as big as she could from ear to ear and opened her hand to the fairies.

“All we have to do is combine our strengths together to spread hope and love throughout the dreams of the adults. Only then will the children follow.”

It seemed like a mighty task indeed. To save the minds of the parents and regain their hope for the world. To believe in dreams and then teach their children to do the same. To tell the fairy tales once again.

It seemed impossible.

But the fairies were determined to find a way to survive. They wanted to help the poor souls that had lost their way. They truly believed in the future of mankind… that there must be a way to save the children AND their parents. So together they made the most powerful fairy dust full of light from Alarna, compassion from Ezla, beauty from Baltinda and last but not least, pure hope from Lanolind. A combination of all the things that the humans desperately needed to survive.


The final step was to find a way to sprinkle the powerful dust over the minds of the humans all at once so that the magic would work on everyone… so they called upon the white fairy of snow and frost, Zalinia.

Zalinia and the 4 other fairies then formed a circle over the earth once the darkness had taken away all light except for the crescent moon that night. From high above they linked themselves together with their petite hands while they began to sing the songs of the land with the swaying trees. They summoned their deepest most cherished magic from within. Their strongest hopes and dreams… and together created a blanket of magic and wonder that covered all of the earths surface.

Down below the warm shiny dust fell upon the innocent and left them sneezing and laughing in their sleep. Dreams began to resurface and build hopes for the days to come.

It wasn’t until days later that a wave of inspiration washed over Panallia and the flowers began to dance and sing along with the trees once again. The magic grew so strong that the fairies felt true happiness and strength within the land. The plan had worked and a shift was made!

A tremendous celebration rang through the heavens and brought a new found dreamscape full of promise and utopia. The fairies had succeeded in saving the minds of the humans, and in this action saved their home and themselves.

The floating mountains of Panallia were restored. Saved by the human dreams once they believed in themselves again. Parents began to tell fairy tales to their children who grew up to follow their own dreams.


The end.


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