Good Morning Monday!

Good Morning Monday!


Red, blue, green and yellow

See a stranger and say “Hello!’

One, two, three, four

See a lady open her door

Eeny meeny miny moe

1234Compliment a mother like so:

“You have a great smile and what a cute child.”

And then give that baby a new Yoyo

Acts of kindness hand in hand

With the rejuvenation of our fellow man

Help an old woman walk across the street

Give a homeless person some warm socks for their feet

Join in when a choir sings

Think about all the wonderful things

We can help each other with everyday

To laugh and sing and jump and play

Adopt a pet who didn’t have a chance

A nod a hand shake or a friendly glance images1

To that person walking by

Imagine if everyone just gave this simple act a try

The little fairies would rejoice

Because together we all have one giant voice

Love ❤

Pay it forward ❤ Karma is real

Have a lovely week xo

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