ThE DarKer ThoUghts…

The darker side of my mind…


Society upheld by a propriety.
A deity contrary to the anxiety.
Chemical Wasteland.

Food from a toxic can. Tar sands.
Orange flesh fake tans.

Gas masks. The next collection of half assed.
Small pox detox.
How bout a little Botox?
kids gas maskBeat box. Clorox.
You got some holes in those wool socks.
Investing in the highest stocks doc?
Pharmaceutical take down.
Political break down.
RCMP shake down.

seems to be a sort of irony. A tyranny of a long expected rhyme foreseen.
Blas fame. A total catastrophe.
Holding hands with these mothers-to-be.

Animal mutated babies.
The cause and factors… are we?


Covering up all the loose ties. Leaders getting high.
Chemtrails and pollutants a necessity to die.
So many blinded by
Material things. Gold and diamond rings. Bling.
If we have no voice we can’t sing.
Technology zombie kids and contaminated spare ribs.


A stellar way to be hard-core
Reprogramming centers galore

Who cares about grammar?
Who cares about verse?
Who cares about us?

Dark thoughts arise.
Is this our demise?

Look on the bright side.

We are still alive.


The poetry in my head…

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