Thursday Thoughts on Inspiration: What inspires you?

tumblr_ldl5hkRTrT1qen6ruo1_500~Sometimes inspiration lies deep within us and other times it’s right in front of our faces and we don’t even know it. I believe there can be many forms of inspiration, even through failure and heartache.

Perhaps that is when the greatest inspiration turns to action!

What inspires you?

In my own experience I find that I am inspired when I learn something new or practice something I am truly passionate about… like writing for example.

I didn’t write for many years and I keep asking myself why to this day. I absolutely love writing, reading and learning new things but I really didn’t focus those desires and passions on actually writing anything because I didn’t think my writing would ever go anywhere. Then one day my beautiful friend Kylen asked me if I would like to take a class with her at the University of Victoria:
Introduction to Screenwriting

Now, I never had any intentions of writing a screenplay at all nor did I really learn a whole lot about writing, but because I was surrounded by others who were so passionate about writing I ended up getting a hard slap in the face by some serious inspiration!

The class itself was about structuring a screenplay and the differences in that style of writing compared to novel-writing. It was so fun learning something completely new and I loved being around other writers. After the course ended I began to work on my novel. Within a few months I had written almost 20,000 words and I even started a blog 🙂 I also began reading more books and before I knew it, I had read 3 incredibly thick fantasy/sci-fi novels and had a handful of blog posts to boot… which people actually liked!

This is why I enjoy blogging… because I am constantly learning, filling my brain with a ton of great knowledge and reading other blogs that are amazingly awesome!

So what is it that inspires you?

Is it the sun rising in the sky on a gorgeous summers day?woman-413972_1280

Is it listening to motivational speakers or attending seminars?

Is it a simple 6 week course you want to take just for the hell of it?

Or do you just get inspiration from the depths of your gut?

I would love to hear what inspires you! You never know, maybe by sharing inspirational quotes or connecting with other bloggers… you may find that inspiration you’re looking for.

Happy writing xo

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