Questions about WordPress… For me? I’m honored!

Well I am definitely honored that my inbox is filling up with such kind and sincere comments, along with some WordPress questions… for me! What!?

I just want say THANK YOU to those who’ve taken the time to comment on certain posts. I really am touched by so many wonderful reply’s to my site 🙂 about the set-up process, I am still in the beginning stages and honestly… I didn’t even see some of the comments because I don’t know how to separate spam from legit bloggers! HA!

I still have so many questions myself so I thought I would post an answers and questions article to share some feedback.


A. I made my site through a free WordPress theme (twenty ten) but then later purchased a package that included my domain name and some advanced customized options. This is how I change my fonts, backgrounds and header images now. There are a few more options with purchased themes.

Q. I still don’t know if I can use certain social plugins on, which is what I have. vs it worth it? There are more plugins on .org but you lose followers by switching and it’s not free.

A. You can still do a very nice website FREE through it just depends on what you want to do with your website.

Q. RSS feed? I’m still unsure about this. How do I give someone my RSS feed through another blog site?

A. You can follow my site and receive emails if you are subscribed. I do have a follow button but not an email subscribe option. Again, I don’t know if I can get that plugin on My boyfriend didn’t have a blog so he had to create a Gravatar to follow through email. I’m not sure this site is available to other hosting sites through email unless you sign up with WordPress.

Thanks so much for all the feedback and wonderful comments. Hopefully some other fellow bloggers can help us out! 🙂




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