Help I’ve been SPAMMED!!

~As my blog continues to gain more traffic, I’m starting to get a bit overrun by SPAM messages in my inbox :/ I don’t know how to separate spam from real bloggers. Does anyone else have this issue?

How can you tell if something is spam?

I’ve weeded through the messages and some of the comments are very heartfelt and seem like nice legitimate comments about my blog and how helpful it is.

In the research I’ve done on spam, I have read that it’s easy to notice spam if there is a link to sell something, a long URL containing lots of numbers and letters and if it’s a direct sales add. But what if the message looks like a normal message? Some of the websites attached look pretty legit.

For example, today I received this message:

“Do you have a spam problem on this blog; I also am a blogger,
and I was wondering your situation; many of us have created some nice methods and
we are looking to swap methods with other folks, be sure to shoot me
an email if interested.” –this to me seems OK. Am I wrong?

Is this spam asking me if I have spam?? I’m so confused. I also have messages telling me I have spam comments. Are you spam?? Akismet puts everything into my SPAM folder.confused

I want to connect with my followers, but I’m unsure how to know what is spam. Some of these messages are so nice and insightful. Bahhhh!!

Can anyone help me? PLEASE HELP!

Thanks friends! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Help I’ve been SPAMMED!!

  1. Beware of messages that don’t flow with the timbre of normal speech, grammatical errors, weird word combinations, misused adjectives adverbs, and flattery so general it makes no reference to your actual post. And yes… there is plenty of spam asking if you have spam or hacker issues! Hope this helps. Wp generally picks it all up, but check your folder now and again… I recently had a wonderfully supportive blog friend wind up in that folder!! She has been rescued from spam purgatory, of course… hope this helps! Mother Hen


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