Thursday Thoughts: How Can We Expand Our Minds?

How can we look at another living thing like a plant or the ocean and connect with that being? How do we connect with other organisms and species? I keep asking my self how to expand my mind, but I want to ask you. How do you expand your mind?

How can we ALL expand our minds?

I have been consistently going back to my original question. The question I asked myself when I started this blog: What is my message? What kind of awareness do I want to create?

There are so many topics floating around, so many things going on that we should be addressing as humans. The devastation that is happening is real. So where do we go from here? How do we move forward?

Meditation? Enlightenment? Raising our vibrations… these are all the terms we hear when we talk about “Higher Consciousness”  but how do we raise our vibrations? Is it just something that happens to a select group of people? Is it something we share with like-minded people? What is it?

I am searching for the best possible way to connect with people about this level of consciousness. It is a journey I will forever cherish. I for one will not rest until I have a better understanding of this.

So I ask you… where do we go from here? How do we make that shift in consciousness? Is there hope for the future minds of our children?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s get a discussion going!! 😀




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