Let’s Go Eat Bugs in Thailand!

~It was a warm humid night in Koh Phangan, Thailand and I was on a mission to find a tasty treat. A treat I had never had before and I was a bit nervous to say the least. There was a specific dish I was looking for that night and I would not rest until I had bugs in my belly.

Yes that’s right… bugs.

I was always told that bugs were a delectable specialty in Thailand and being the curious person that I am I just had to try some crunchy little critters. I was with some fellow travelers I had met during the trip and we stuck together as we walked up and down rows of booths and tables full of food and merchandise. Sweat was soaking through my shirt and my hair was sticking to my face so I slicked it back. My cheeks were beat red and we were about to give up on the bug hunt, when suddenly out of nowhere a local man walks up to us with a huge smorgasbord FULL of different bugs.


There were bags and bags of beetles and cockroaches, crickets and grasshoppers, fat juicy worms and slimy larva. They even had charcoal black frogs that had been fried to a crisp. It was the most elaborate bug display I’d ever seen. It was absolutely incredible!

It was time to fill my plate! 😀

Now you may think that a bug tastes just a gross as it looks, but you might be surprised. The grasshoppers and crickets were actually really good! They were salted and crunchy and literally tasted just like a chip that was deep-fried. But there were some other bugs that I tried that were not so good.

The beetles may look like crunchy goodness like the crickets, but when you bite into one you better be ready for a soft gooey mess to squirt into your mouth. Oh my goodness I almost hurled when I bit into that beetle but I actually managed to choke it down. That wasn’t the worst one though.

Worms. Blaaak!

Worms are disgusting. They’re soft and squishy and taste like poop. I couldn’t swallow one because I gagged as soon as I bit into it and spit it out on the ground, which was really disrespectful and I felt kind of bad afterwards. The bug chefs didn’t seem to mind. All in all it was a great experience that I had always wanted to try and since I liked the crickets so much, I ordered a bag full and scarfed them down 🙂 Mmmm.

~Scratch off bucket list. I ate bugs in Thailand!~

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