Randoms Week Day 3: BLOG GAMES!! Random Facts :)

Welcome to round 3 of BLOG GAMES!

Yesterdays game had 0 challengers so if you would like to get in on some story telling action you can do so here: Game #2-Tell me a story πŸ™‚

Today WEDNESDAY is Random Facts day.

How to play: I’ll start by telling you, my fellow bloggers, a totally random fact OR multiple facts and how I discovered that fact. Then it’s your turn to write as many random facts as you like.

Learning is fun!! πŸ˜€

I’ll go first!

Did you know that the only mammals that can get leprosy are humans and armadillos?- Read this random fact on a bathroom wall full of random facts.

There are blood vessels inside your teeth that have tiny canals and tubules just like veins.- I used to be a Dental Assistant.

The old school hat that Journalists used to wear in the 1930’s is called an “Anthony Eden”-random facts from Wikipedia trying to find the name of this classic hat.


Write your random facts in the comments below to play RANDOM FACTS!




12 thoughts on “Randoms Week Day 3: BLOG GAMES!! Random Facts :)

  1. Oh my gosh! I have been told I am a walking encyclopedia of randomness. Apparently one that only has answers when questioned. All the stuff in my head is random! I don’t think you want me to spill it all out here! So, I Googled random facts and the funniest one I saw was “Ancient Eqyptians shaved off their eyebrows to mourn the death of their cats.” While I knew they worshipped their cats I didn’t realize the lengths they would go! I mean I love my cat but…there’s a line and I don’t want to be drawing in eyebrows. =)

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  2. Are random facts really that random? Or do we what we term random really reveal what our minds obsess over or think predominantly about? Hmmm … I’ll try not to worry too much about what I’m revealing here -beccause of COURSE it’s totally random…
    RF1. The humble snail possesses the largest penis of all species in direct proportion to body length / height. (Want more random snail facts? Here’s more than you could ever want – http://www.3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2011/07/the-sex-life-of-the-snail.html) I learnt this on the net somewhere when I’d just started publishing erotica and Google was taking me to strange and weird places – all in the name of research.)
    RF2: Licorice tea is brilliant to stop sugar cravings because of a naturally-occurring component in licorice root called gglycosides that mimics that to the tongue is 50 times sweeter than sugar! Learnt this in a little book on herbal teas – I used to work in a tea specialty shop)
    RF3: The oldest meaning of the word “fear” is to pass through something. (I’m into etymology – dont’ get me started.)

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