Randoms Week Day 4: BLOG GAMES! Let’s all tell a story together :)

~Hi friends and welcome to BLOG GAMES!! This is round #4 🙂

For the last 3 days I’ve been getting to know my fellow bloggers and it’s really been fun. Interested in playing and didn’t see our first 3 rounds? Come play some games:

Game #1
Game #2
Game #3

There weren’t any players on day #2 and I’d love to hear some short stories 🙂 So jump back to day #2 OR play today’s new story game.

Today THURSDAY for our 4th game we’re ALL going to tell a story together!

You remember those games right? Sitting around in a circle playing duck duck goose or telephone as a kid… that was always a blast. There were so many games back in the day: 7 up, musical chairs, ring around the rosy, tic tac toe, hangman… what a trip down memory lane hey! 😛 And I will always remember those STORIES!!

How to play: I’ll start by writing a sentence and the 1st person to comment will write the next sentence of the story. The 2nd person to comment will follow the 1st persons comment and so on.

Let’s see what we can come up with by the end of the day 🙂

Here’s our starting sentence:

A storm was rolling in and the clouds became dark, blocking the rays of the sun while little Jimmy sat in his sandbox playing with his big yellow dump truck.


YOUR TURN!! To continue the story write the next sentence in the comments below!

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