Randoms Weekend! BLOG GAME #6- Movie Central Saturday!!

Hey friends! Welcome to round 6 of BLOG GAMES!! Movie Central Saturday!

Today we’re going to go to the movies 🙂

How to play: I’m going to tell you 5 random things that have to do with movies. Then it’s your turn! Easy peasy right?!

I’ll go first:

My favorite actor: Tom Hanks
My favorite movie of all time: Forrest Gump (of course) 😉
My favorite genre: Comedy
Weirdest movie I’ve ever seen: Rubber- it’s about a serial killer tire who kills people in the desert while making a film (strangely good haha)
I’ve never actually seen all the Star Wars movies! I’ve watched snipets of some of them here and there but never a whole movie. People freak out when I tell them this 😛

Your turn!!

Let’s hear some random movie facts form you. Anything you like. Who knows maybe you’ll find a new movie you’ve never seen before from a fellow blogger. Write your answers in the comments below to play MOVIE CENTRAL SATURDAY!!



6 thoughts on “Randoms Weekend! BLOG GAME #6- Movie Central Saturday!!

  1. My favorite actor: Rowan Atkinson
    My favorite movie of all time: Hot Fuss for obvious reasons hahaha
    My favorite genre: Action and Syfy
    Weirdest movie I’ve ever seen: Rubber- I Heart Huckabees (that was just weird….)
    I’ve never actually seen The Notebook, even though my friends all say its the greatest thing about sliced bread.

    – James

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  2. Must start off by saying I agree, Tom Hanks is amazing!
    My favorite actor: John Cusack. I will watch any movie with him in it. Maybe Adam Sandler can be my second one. He reminds me of my brother when he was fun!
    My favorite movie of all time: It’s a toss up between Serendipity and Beaches. When I need a good cry I watch Beaches.
    My favorite genre: romantic comedy. I like to laugh but also know someone will fall in love!
    Weirdest movie (changed to weirdest movie experience): taking my 13 year old son to see Superbad at the movie theater. We thought we were the ‘cool’ parents but really we were just ignorant thinking rated R would be just foul language! Won’t make that mistake again! 🙂 BTW, he still laughs at us for doing that!

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