Good Morning Monday!

traffic-lights-66309_1280What do you know it’s Monday again
A message in a bottle I’d like to send
Just to be here, to laugh, to fear and to cry
To wake up every morning not wondering why
Why I am living the life that I am
Why others sometimes just don’t give a damn
Why don’t I wonder you may have to ask
Well let me tell you it’s no easy task
To love and to cherish each part of me
To find the acceptance; to finally just be
Letting go of the gloves and the boxer inside
Trying my hardest to not run and hide
For here I am standing with a purpose that’s just
A body and mind that I love is a must
For no matter whats failures I’ve come across
I know now that I am my own boss
I make everyday the way that it is
And if I succeed I can’t just dismiss
The progress, the work the dedication and strive
I’m breathing, I’m doing, I’m staying alive
I live for myself and I do what I love
And I will continue until my soul rises above
We must look in that mirror each and every day
And love ourselves in every possible way ❀

It’s the one thing that matters most and yet the hardest thing to do. Love yourself ❀

You are wonderful and deserve to have a beautiful week full of love, hope and happiness πŸ˜€

Have a great week!!



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