Guest Post by: Adrea Kore-Erotic Poetry Guru xo

I am so honored to have the lovely Miss Adrea Kore as a guest blogger today! Adrea is from Melbourne, Australia and writes the most incredible erotic poetry. What a treat to have my tiny little blog spiced up by this wonderful gal xox Please check her out: you won’t be disappointed 😀

Thank you Adrea! ~T


Naked, I find myself
here, at both pinnacle
and this most fragile of places
Neither here nor there
A world of possibilities
Unfolding giddily beneath
A bare-legged refusal
to run for safety;
to choose one side in haste, foregoing
sweet knowledge of the other
I stand strong in the liminal heights,
A wide-eyed heart
Invoking divine transition

Girl on bridge - Darbi Dunbar

Girl on bridge


© Adrea Kore  2013

Adrea Kore is a writer/performer, residing in Melbourne, Australia. A former theatre director and artist’s model, she engages strongly with themes of ‘the feminine’, publishing both fiction and non-fiction. She’s featured in American erotic anthology Dirty Little Numbers by Go Deeper Press, and her story Peek Hour can be found in the fresh-off-the-press release of “Best Of” anthology Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 13. Adrea  is fascinated by creative process, and the place where words emerge from our most physical of experiences. Her erotica short stories feature on Erotica Writers and Readers’ (ERWA) online gallery,  and in Australian anthology A Storytelling of Ravens.

Currently working on her first collection of themed short erotica stories, and ignoring her novella draft, Adrea has just discovered blogging. Visit her at Kore Desires.

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