On conspiracy theories and credibility . . . the Saker’s thoughts on credibility caught my attention; I agree with him. . . ~J

Had to share! Spread truth not lies. Don’t let them take over your minds

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

I think this piece works so very well on my own blog, particularly with Alfred Webre’s question about Putin. . . and with Bradley Loves articles. Many of us still want an authority figure to give us the answers, but the process of growth and evolution in which we are involved asks us to become our own authority figures. In both of these situations, very often there isn’t going to be any proof out there for us. Read what the Saker says about ‘proof.’ I found it all so very interesting! ~J

The Vineyard of the Saker
by the Saker
November 23, 2014

Dear friends,

I am noticing with some dismay that some (many?) of you are still firmly the mental clutches of the “conspiracy theories” logical fallacy.  The reactions to Koenig’s articles about Ebola and HIV are typical of that kind of logical derailment.  So it is high time that I state…

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