Good Morning Monday!


Good Morning Monday my friend

I want them to be real; to no longer pretend
To unlock the door and let us in
That is where we all must begin
I don’t want to sit in the dark all alone
Controlled by media, computers and phones
Reach out your hand and feel the real touch
I’m telling you now it doesn’t take much
To remove the walls and the stones and the bricks
To eliminate all of the lies and the tricks
How come they don’t want to be one?
They want to control us with democracy and guns
It’s all about money in the true bitter end
They’d rather have dollars than have us as friends
To dictate, to rule, to poison our schools
They want to look generous, powerful and cool
But the few of us who know
We’re not your regular Joe’s
We will stand together as one

Maybe one day they will realize we can all harness the power of the beautiful sun?

Stay together to fight for our freedoms.

Our minds are ours… not their’s to control.

Unlock the door and throw away the key
I am asking you now… why can’t we all just be?


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