Sad Monday Morning… not good :(

Today I woke up to the sound of asphalt being crushed around outside my balcony. The blue fences are going up, the construction guys are shaking hands and the trucks are hauling in materials. What a site to see. 😦

Not something you want to wake up to on Monday morning…

For 7 years I’ve lived in this apartment overlooking the beautiful Olympic Mountains that stand so tall across the ocean. The cars going by are almost a whisper and the quiet little neighborhood I live in is usually very peaceful. But not today.

Today I find out that a 5 story building will be constructed right outside my backdoor. Today my quiet little neighborhood turns into a mad crazy place full of unwanted noise and a shattered dream. My dream to gaze over to those mountains for another year or two. The view of those mountains will soon be gone and the only thing to look at will someones ridiculously expensive condo.

It is a sad day indeed. My sanctuary will be void in the days to come.

I think it may be time to move 😦 10252040_10154912413135444_2426542989468821959_n

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