A Bit of Change is ALL We Need!

background-163811_1280~There are a lot of people who don’t like change. I have been known to be one of those people in the past 🙂 Change can be a frightening thought at first, but sometimes a bit of change is all we need. As humans we become neutral and complacent after a while. We get into a routine and stick with it.

Get up in the morning

Have some breakfast
Go to work or work from home
Have some lunch
Go home or, on to the next chore
Make dinner
Go to bed
Save money for something

And all the other things in between of course. Don’t forget to floss!

That’s pretty much the rat race right there, and most of us live in it. It’s hard to break free from the norm and I know when I get into “lazy” mode it’s tough to snap out of it.

But what if we changed one little thing everyday? What if instead of having breakfast right out of bed, we have a tall glass of water? OR What if we take a different route to work with a few minutes extra to go for a stroll through a park with our morning coffee?

What if everyone started a little compost?

And what if everyone stopped buying so much stuff?

I ponder these questions constantly. What kind of change can I make that will get us going in the right direction?  I want to be a game changer! I want to change the world… but how?

Unfortunately, the conversation gets slightly awkward most of the time when I talk to people about changing the way we live. I’ve had some mildly heated arguments and lighthearted debates about how much we should really try to change the world. Usually this happens when there is a bunch of alcohol involved but hey, at least we talk about it right!? And a lot of people out there have just simply given up on everything and say, “Bring it on Armageddon!”.

Have you ever seen that reality TV show, Doomsday Preppers? Yikes! Those people dedicate their lives to end of the world. That’s not really thinking “outside the box” if you know what I mean. I’m all for self-preservation, but if the world is going to end… the world is going to end. What if those people took all of that food and fed the hungry a little bit? Do we really need 3 pantries and a shed full of food right now??

The earth doesn’t owe us anything. We owe it to ourselves to try to be the best people we can be and if we don’t try to change, then what are we doing?

I really don’t believe it’s our purpose to prepare for the end of the world or fight for our lives once the zombies start running around trying to eat our faces. If the world ends it’s because of us and what we’ve become. The world WILL end if we don’t change.

We need to get out there and speak our minds, open our souls and try to change us. Everyone has to get on board if it’s going to work. Instead of buying gifts for Christmas, make something or buy from a local artisan. Instead of upgrading to the next best iPhone or TV or stereo system, just stick with one and use it until it’s crapping out on you or broken. Instead of hoarding food or money, share it with people who don’t have it. Instead of judging people, help them in their battles. Instead of commercial, mass-produced food, buy locally and support farmers in the area. There are so many things we can all do.

A bit of change is a beautiful thing! 😀


This is my plea to YOU! Help me change the world for the better, one tiny little thing at a time.

And share it with the world no matter how many people stick their noses up at you and say they won’t help or they don’t want to try or that you’re doing it for your own selfish reasons (I get that all the time). Because we will try and we will succeed.

All I have to give is a message of love and this holiday season and I want to give that love to all of you out there.

Let us ALL change a little bit and see what we can do for ourselves and the earth. It all starts with us.

Happy Holidays and Happy Friday xox

world-227747_1280 unsplash_52a1c2d7d6f4f_1

Love ~T


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