You Are Here. So Be Here xo LOVE!


~I’ve written posts like this before… and I will continue to write them again and again. It is the only message that matters. You matter xo You are here. So be here.

People may criticize you and I for believing; for having hope. Haters will hate. Pessimists will demonize. They just need a little love xo

Hard times will be had by all every single day. Things will not go your way and you may not finish what you have begun. There will be days when getting out of bed seems pointless. You will have a broken heart time and time again.

Someone will hurt you. Some day your world will crumble… maybe today is that day.


You are here. So be here. LOVE!

As people, we have a choice. We have the ultimate decision. We choose what tomorrow will bring.

Some day you may fall down that rabbit hole and spiral around and around out of control until you can no longer see what is happening on the walls of the tunnel. You may not see it, but it is there. You may not feel it, but it is there. Inside you…

Love xo

I spread this message of love to all of you who are reading my words because I’ve seen it time and time again. Love that is lost and love that is stagnant. It may be dormant, but it’s still right here with you.

See the beauty, the colors and all of the LOVE that surrounds us. Capture it!

I have seen bad days and I have lost many people who I’ve loved dearly. I have been down that rabbit hole many times and I have stayed in bed for too long, crying too many tears. But love is here within me. Love is all around us. This message of love is for all of us to share. Share with those who need it most and shoot that love out of your heart to those who don’t accept it.

Because one day they will see. One day they will accept the love they deserve and spread that love to those who need it.

We are ALL here. So be here. LOVE!

People may read this post and think. “Not again…” and cringe or sigh because I keep shooting out of my heart this love they do not know how to accept. But I will not cease. For it is only love that will bring us through these hard times. It is ONLY LOVE that will heal the world and it is only love I want to give.

So be here. Have the love we all need. Share the love.

You are here. So be here. 🙂 And invite everyone else to be here too. A tiny bit of love goes a very long way. How will you spread love today?

Love ~T



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