Good Morning Monday!

Well hello Mr. Monday Morning! 🙂

Possibilities are endless today
Spread those wings and fly far far away
To a land where only the dreamers can go
Where there are beautiful bodies of water that dance and flow
Clean fresh air and the greenest of greens
No hate no dangers no bully’s being mean

Day dreamer, let me show you the way
Let me tell you how we can live day to day
In this; a world that you’ve always dreamed of
Where you can fly high up above
All you have to do is close your eyes
And imagine yourself in that glorious blue sky

Take a hand and guide them all through
If we are to succeed this we must do
To show them the beauty that lies within
It’s the first step in which we have to begin
There is so much love

And we are ALL capable of…

Sharing our dreams and inviting everyone too

Let us day dream forever in a world that is brand new xox


Have a wonderful week full of lovely dreams!!


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