Thursday Thoughts on Coffee Mmmmmmmm

a-cup-of-coffee-399480_1280I LOVE my morning coffee!

But I have a little secret: I only started drinking coffee when I was about 25 years old. I never used to drink it because I have a sensitive stomach so I steered clear for a long time. That was until I started working in an office with a woman who drank 10 cups of coffee every day.

Yup you read that right… 10 cups!

Each morning I arrived in the office, my nose would instantly be filled with that delightful smell of fresh brewed coffee. Oh it smelled so good!! Eventually I caved in after the 5th or 6th pot was made one day. I finally joined in the coffee drinking ceremony.Β At first I could only get through a half a cup because I wasn’t used to drinking coffee at all and I would get the jitters. And I’m sure you know what happens to most people when they drink coffee πŸ˜‰ I don’t have to go into those details.

Soon enough I had my routine: 2 cream and a whole whack of sugar!! I know it’s bad… but soooooo GOOD!!

Soon after that I bought my very first coffee pot which was so tiny you could only get about 3 cups out of it, so it was perfect for my minimal coffee consumption. Now I have a beautiful espresso maker combo with a pot on one side and a press on the other.

Then I discovered iced coffee!! Oh wowsers do I ever LOVE iced coffee. I could probably suck back an iced coffee in under a minute.

Now I am hooked. I know a lot of people think drinking coffee is really bad for you and some even try to stop drinking it. But not me… I LOVE my morning coffee πŸ˜€ And it’s full of antioxidants! I only have one cup a day and a lot of the time I don’t finish the whole thing. I’ve switched to coconut cream and organic brown cane sugar to try to avoid white sugar and dairy. I also love my coffee strong so I use the espresso setting on my coffee maker. Mmm mmm!! xoxΒ coffee-424763_1280



Even Santa loves my coffee!Β 10868004_10154971012890444_6265469695036780479_n



How about you?

How do you like your coffee in the morning???

10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on Coffee Mmmmmmmm

  1. I quit drinking coffee a few months ago for health reasons. When I did it was usually 6-8 cups of…1 teaspoon away from espresso… every morning with lots of sweet cream. I sure miss my coffee, but I don’t miss the mid-day caffeine crash which left me feeling like my heart was about to STOP!

    Watch out Santa, that shits addictive!!

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    • You are right about it being addictive! I can’t go without my morning cup a joe πŸ˜› I keep my coffee drinking to a minimum for sure b/c I also hate the heart attack feeling LOL good for you for kickin the habit though.


  2. I like mine strong and full flavor! I used to drink a quad shot espresso soy latte (that I made at home) then more coffee throughout the day but I had to cut out a lot of things in my diet and so now it’s just my morning cup of joe. It’s a beautiful start to the day!
    How do you like the coconut cream? Do you do regular or flavored? Might have to try that for special occasions πŸ˜‰

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    • Oooh I LOVE the coconut cream! I’ve tried the vanilla and didn’t really like it so I stick with regular. It’s delicious πŸ™‚ I’ve actually replaced a lot of my dairy products with either coconut products or goats milk b/c it’s nicer on my tummy. You should try it for sure!

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  3. There are few pleasures in life if it happens to be coffee then so be it. I don’t understand why if you love something that you can’t indulge yourself. All that being said thank you for your like, I am a wordsmith, artist, all things creative, I will hit the follow button in hopes we can stay in touch
    As always Sheldon

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