Good Morning Monday!

Good Morning Monday!


New faces new friends
A connection begins
Lectures and words
The lessons are learned

My sole purpose to bond
Alike minds will respond
No worries or doubts or concerns

Lessons are shared
Our traits are full bared
Hand in hand we’ll inspire
We respect and admire

Smiles and laughs
Great stories recapped
Together we are the flames of the fire

Our desires are fierce
The knowledge is pierced
Our minds linked as one
Makes the journey such fun

The layers unfolded
Our futures are molded
Choices made and victories won 🙂


Dedicated to my new friends of the Fast Track CBA group at UVic xox What an amazing bunch of people ❤ We shall all succeed together!

Hope you have a wonderful week full of connections and bonding time with loved ones and special friends!

Love ~T

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