When is it OK to Get Angry?

~We are all in control of our own emotions. No one can tell us what to feel or how to feel it. But there are many times when we let our emotions rule us, often in confrontations, misunderstandings and random conflicts.

With each situation we face, we have a choice: Let our emotions get the best of us OR learn to control our emotions so they don’t surface in an explosive way.

I have had to learn this over time as most lessons are learned. I can sometimes have a short fuse but I am learning how to control it. I’ve found that frustration is never a good thing and it usually doesn’t make the situation any better.

During my last course in the business program I am taking at UVic, a classmate asked the question:
“When is it OK to get angry?”


The lecture was about thoughts, feelings and conflicts that can arise in the workplace and how to deal with them. The outcome of any conflict will depend on the reactions of the parties involved. We can either treat the circumstance as a threat and get defensive or we can compromise and come to an agreement. Our strength to control anger, jealousy, resentment and other primary emotions is what makes us who we are. If we can keep our emotions in line and meta communicate properly with others, it makes for a much healthier work environment. This applies to any relationship.

This is exactly why they teach communication in business; to help us learn how to deal with our plethora of emotions.

I mentioned this in my post: Business and Communication. Learning about communication techniques from a textbook was incredibly interesting. Seeing the different layers we go though in our relationships with other people in the work place.

Our instructor, Pat , put it quite elegantly when answering my classmate as he placed his hand on his chin. He looked in the distance to ponder his words carefully.

He leaned over and grinned as he politely stated that it’s not really OK to get angry in the work place.

And that’s why they teach communication in business. 🙂

I find a good way to let off steam if I am mad or upset is to go for a nice long walk, gather my thoughts and think about the reasons why I’m angry. Most of the time those reasons are pretty darn stupid… and that’s why I must learn to let go of the unnecessary feelings I’ve mustered up within myself.

2 thoughts on “When is it OK to Get Angry?

  1. What a great post, I love how you walked through the process of anger, how the communication of anger works and how it’s common in the work place. I believe there isn’t enough emphasis put on emotions in the work place.
    As always Sheldon

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