Published and Proud :)

I am so happy to announce my 2nd published article in the Martlet newspaper 🙂


Thank you so much to Adam Hayman and Hugo Wong at the Martlet!!

You can read my first article here: Meet Greg Pratt


and here is my 2nd article published in last weeks issue:

Reasons not to create Facebook accounts for your baby!


9 thoughts on “Published and Proud :)

  1. keep it up congrats, stay a way for the critics, follow your passion,even when they look at you like who is this person and where did you come from, I have been out here to long with too many people telling I couldnt when all the while I kept telling myself I could,very inspiring, great work my friend,I will send you lite,we need boots on the ground so that the rest of us have hope
    As always Sheldon

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  2. Straw people was very close to my heart I am glad you liked it to came to me so strong that there was only one draft of it, I love when there’s such a force to drive my words, you always have something too that provokes a thought or two, see you soon

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