Good Morning Beautiful! :)

Yes I am talking to you 🙂 Good morning beautiful!!

I just want to say how beautiful you are today
And every day for that matter
So don’t you listen to that chatter

The voice inside that keeps you shy
The silly useless self doubt
Those people who always try and figure you out

It doesn’t matter what day, what they say or if you happen to be gay
You are beautiful in every way xo

I may not know you or see your face
We may never cross paths or be in the same space
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand
It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man

You are beautiful!! 😀

It doesn’t matter what you have done
You may be weathered from the bright sun
You may have already heard this today
But you are beautiful I must say

Maybe you don’t hear it enough
So here’s a hit of the really good stuff
You may not feel this way…


You are beautiful 🙂 I just wanted to say 🙂

I hope you have a beautiful day!



3 thoughts on “Good Morning Beautiful! :)

  1. We are a close knit community,we can call it family most if us talk everyday or at.least when we can, to say good morning and have a beautiful day it how a day should start or at least how it could end,thank tiny one for the good vibes
    As always Sheldon

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