Good Morning Monday~Choices

~Good Morning Monday~

We all have a choice to leave
We all have a choice to stay
We all have a choice to be silent
We all must choose what to say

Some of our choices involve pride
Some of our choices take strength
Some of our choices are instant
And some of our choices have great lengths


A choice may have a consequence
A choice may have a heavy weight
A choice may include a sacrifice
A choice to open or close the gates

Many choices have compromise
Many choices are extremely hard
If choices were meant to be easy
The answers would be in the cards

So choose your circles wisely
For our lives depend on our choices
The choices we make are ours to keep
We must listen to our little conscious voices

yes-238371_1280 yes-238372_1280 yes-238373_1280

Whatever it is you choose, may it bring you happiness and love xox



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