Good Morning Monday!~ Can I ask?

Good Morning Monday!

Can I ask you how you are doing today?
Is your day going to be just another day?

Will you have a case of the Mondays?
Are you expecting excitement or boredom?
What shall you say?

Do you have some free time to answer these questions in a tiny short rhyme?

Let’s play a game!

In the comments below tell me how you think your day will go?

Will you make it the best!? Will your skills and abilities be put to the test!?
Will you follow the leader or honor a guest?

Is your morning getting off to a great start?

Please let me know and don’t leave me in the dark! 😀

How will you change the world today?
Will today be glorious?
What shall you say????

Connect, share and tell me a story 🙂

Only if you wish to spell it out… to dish. Will the day be fabulous and totally delish?
And if not that’s absolutely  A OK. I just want you to have a wonderful day.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning Monday!~ Can I ask?

  1. Reading day today. Monday is my blog reading day so I go up and down the WP Reader and my social media accounts. Good day so far, great coffee at hand, music in the background… life is good!

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  2. Day started sleepy, but doing great now. Doctor has changed a few things and my feet no longer feel like I’m walking on nails (YAY). Still dealing with depression, but that’s a life-long issue. It hasn’t gotten any worse, that’s reason enough to be glad.
    Thanks for asking – I don’t typically just stop and look at how I’m doing. I’m sure I should – would probably find I have more “up time” than I think…

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    • Well I hope you had a wonderful day. I can relate to that feeling depression, but I know you can overcome it and have beautiful days 😀 There is always hope xox look inside and love yourself for who you are.


  3. Well, hello! I’m really hoping not to get a case of the Mondays! School just let out for the summer, so I just finished packing my things to go back home. I’m moving from a small college town to an even smaller town, and hoping to find a job in either one :-/ On the upside, I’m going to try out a new gym today and spending time with some friends I haven’t seen in a while, so I have that to look forward to 🙂

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  4. By the time I found this, Monday was over. It’s Tuesday morning and we have an 8-week-old kitten we’re introducing to our dog and older cat. It’s gonna be a long day. The dog only wants to lick the kitten, but it would be really good if she wouldn’t step on him while she does it.

    (We’re retired. If we weren’t, we’d be a whole lot less involved in this.)

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