Good Morning Monday!

Good Morning Monday!


New faces new friends
A connection begins
Lectures and words
The lessons are learned

My sole purpose to bond
Alike minds will respond
No worries or doubts or concerns

Lessons are shared
Our traits are full bared
Hand in hand we’ll inspire
We respect and admire

Smiles and laughs
Great stories recapped
Together we are the flames of the fire

Our desires are fierce
The knowledge is pierced
Our minds linked as one
Makes the journey such fun

The layers unfolded
Our futures are molded
Choices made and victories won 🙂


Dedicated to my new friends of the Fast Track CBA group at UVic xox What an amazing bunch of people ❤ We shall all succeed together!

Hope you have a wonderful week full of connections and bonding time with loved ones and special friends!

Love ~T

The Simple Act of a Smile :)

~Simple acts of kindness can really go a long way. That is why todays post will be short and sweet. I’d like to share the simple act of a smile 🙂

fun-20008_1280Smile!! 🙂

The simple act of a smile can brighten someone’s day. Every time a person smiles at me, I instantly feel happy. I may be having a tough day or struggling with those afternoon “lulls” that most people experience just before the work day ends, but if someone smiles at me it’s an automatic mood booster.

I was reminded of this at the beginning of the week when I started my new class at the University. I needed to find a new bus route to UVic because I moved to a different part of town. I was happily surprised to find out that my new bus driver had mastered the simple act of smiling at each person boarding the bus. I noticed that she would even go above and beyond the smile by welcoming every person on the bus with a lovely greeting and then say goodbye to them, wishing each of those people a great day. This made me so happy; To see someone making such a wonderful effort to brighten everyone’s day. 🙂

So here is my smile for you 😀 I hope you have a fabulous weekend and may your smiles shine throughout the blogosphere.





Good Morning Monday :)

Good Morning Monday!


A new game, the next play
What will the words say?
In the comforts of my mind I will lay

A rise to a new
In my eyes the sky’s blue
My visions created through and through

Knowledge and learning
My heart has been yearning
For change in the clocks hands that keep turning

Grace in my process
What makes the least nonsense
I will finally roll out the contents

My drive and decisions
No mistakes or collisions
In the sensory prolapsed revisions

Hale to the skies
I will see by and by
The marbles unraveled inside

Try as I must
No more wonder lust
All these questions to be left in the dust

So many ways
To fulfill the bright days
Right here is where my heart stays


Happy Monday! 🙂


The 30 Year Old Student

tux-161406_1280~All of my life I’ve been surrounded by people who have gone to University, but I was never one of those people myself. We are always told as children to get good grades in school so we can one day go off to college and get a good career.

Well I did that and it really didn’t work out for me.

So what happens when you do what you are supposed to do, get the good grades, go to college and then get a “good job” only to leave that job because it’s not right for you? Well I have struggled with that dilemma for a few years now and I can only figure out one solution: you go back to school 🙂 I now have to prepare myself to be a 30 year old student at the University of Victoria.

I’ve never thought of myself as the “University type” but I realized that I don’t have to be a scholar or a genius to go. I just have to put my mind to it!


It can be incredibly intimidating going back to school when you are older. You’re surrounded by students working on their masters, a PhD or pushing through some crazy degree to become a scientist. But there are so many programs and courses you can do without paying thousands of dollars or having to endure 4 years of school… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I am the queen of changing my career, but after a number of jobs didn’t work out for me I had to change my way of thinking. I may have had a ton of different positions BUT I don’t really have a lot of transferable skills. Placing a rubber dam prior to a filling or polishing someones teeth doesn’t really transfer into anything else. And I could try to become a body builder and eat protein bars all day, but standing at 5 foot nothing that look really wouldn’t suite me. After I was deemed “The weakest link” at the last fitness studio I was hoping to work for I decided I didn’t want to be a fitness buff. I like wine and cheese WAY too much. 😉

I’ve done a few continuing education courses at the University just for fun because I love learning but those short 6 week courses usually don’t have any homework or a piece of paper at the end stating you are hire-able. Now I am ready to put my head down into some serious text books and dedicate my time to an incredibly intensive course: the Business Administration Fast Track program.


I figured since I have been in a few reception and administration type positions, this course would be perfect to build on the skills I already have. Without formal training it’s tough to move up into a better position so with this course I will walk away with a certificate and a head full of great business knowledge. And the best part, which I am so grateful for, is that it is completely funded by a government grant. My tuition, transportation and living expenses are going to be covered in the 4 months I’m in school.

Would you like to know how I did that?? Well I am happy to tell you!

Here in British Columbia, we have some amazing opportunities that a lot of people don’t have. If you play your cards right you can get government funding, as long as you’re willing to jump through some hoops and fill out a lengthy application. Since I have been on Employment Insurance I am eligible for funding but I do have to prove to the government that I am worth it.

I hired a career counselor at a place called GT Hiring solutions, which is an affiliate of EI and WorkBC. My counselor, Cathy Oleson, was so helpful in finding the perfect program for me at the right institution. Cathy helped me prepare a very thick application to submit to Amber Education and the BC government which took about a month in total to complete. I had to fill out my career goal, make a schooling action plan, conduct an exhaustive job search, interview potential employers, print out job leads and then prove that I could not fund the schooling myself… which wasn’t to difficult. I also had to attend workshops and a job fair to show my initiative and then meet with Cathy on a regular basis to complete each section of the application. It was a lot of work.

So now I get to go to University for free!! 😀 Whoo hoo!!

1379415_10155103375515444_8523479552608139936_n 10906523_10155103370510444_6428574392788005230_n

The program I am starting is a condensed course, that’s why it’s called the “Fast Track” program. I’m going to learn all the business essentials I need to get a great deal of transferable assets. I will be able to apply those skills anywhere. Everything is a business so it’s perfect.

During the course I have to keep up a good grade average and attendance record. Regular reports must be made for my living allowance and I must have my instructors sign off for me each week. This is defiantly not the time to be a slacker! It’s time to get into the grind and prove to myself that I can do anything.

So if you are considering changing careers, going back to school or just looking for a brad new change in your life, there are opportunities out there for you if you look hard enough. Like I said, I’ve never thought of myself as the “University type” but now I will be, and I couldn’t be more excited. 😀

Here are some links to help you get started:

And here is some information on the course I’m doing and other business courses available at UVic:


Good Morning Monday *A New Beginning*

snail-456965_1280Good Morning Monday! I’m ready for a new beginning.

It’s a fresh start to a new year and whatever the future holds, only we can make it happen. Our future is what we make it to be. As most people do, I was stuck in a rut last year for a long time. I lost a job I really wanted and had motivations lagging so far behind me that they just never caught up. A mind and soul jumbled in losses and let downs.

But why did this happen to me? Because I let it.

I let my emotions and heart ache get to me. I was dragged down by my own self doubt. But now I can look back and learn from my mistakes as everyone does as one point or another. Going through a “Lull” doesn’t make me any less of who I really am: A Go Getter!

It’s time for a new beginning. 😀

Moving into a new place was a first step. Leaving old memories behind but not forgotten, putting personal things in different places in a whole new space and starting new routines as I prepare to go back to school next week. This will be the same action in my mind: new thoughts, new ideas and brand new motivations.

2015 is a new start for everyone! So I share my woes with you and put my experiences out there so that if ever you are stuck in a place you think you cannot escape… just know you can always turn it around. There is hope for all of us that fall from time to time. No one is alone in this feeling of hardship.

We all go through it and we all have the abilities to break free and start a new.

I believe in you!!

Whatever the hardship may be, whatever tiny little “Lull” we were in… let us rise above and move on together. For that is what this world is here for. For us to change it… and to change ourselves for the better. xo

Here’s to new beginnings whether they are big or small 🙂 It is up to us to have it all!


Have a beautiful week full of new memories!



~Another Year Has Come and Gone. Welcome 2015!!~ Happy New Year!

girl-513772_1280~Another year has come and gone. Each year passing by more quickly than the last. Never the less we are still standing here together. We’ve successfully lived out another year full of ups and downs ~The roller coaster of life!

So farewell to 2014 and welcome 2015! A new open door to a bunch of great opportunities. On this 1st day of 2015, many of us are thinking up our “New Years Resolutions” so how will YOU make this year better than the last? As I sit here contemplating which direction I will go, staring at the reflection of myself in the mirror I can almost see the wheels of inspiration spiraling around in my eyes. This will be a great year 😀


**May your year be full of happiness and wonder. May your days be rich with laughter, love and clarity. Let us all stay young forever… in our hearts and in our minds while we strive to obtain health and wisdom. Let us come together and change the world for the better one day, one child, or even one endangered turtle at a time. *Smiles* Thank you so much to all the people in my life who care about me and follow me down whatever path I choose… and I truly hope I have made a positive imprint on your life as you have on mine. And thank you those of you who don’t know me personally… but have taken the time to read these words falling from my mind balloons-388973_1280onto the keys of this computer 🙂 CHEERS!! I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂 **

What does your reflection look like? Is your glass half empty or half full? What steps will you take to get to where you want to be in this crazy life?

What will 2015 bring??

Only time will tell xo Happy New Year friends!

Love ~T

Inspiration in the Slow Cooker!

~Sometimes inspiration can come from unexpected places or occurrences. You may be strolling down the street one day, see a mud puddle and suddenly realize the premise of your next book set in an underground city that is flooded by a storm up above and your hero must swim through dangerous murky waters to save an innocent child.

Ta Da! Inspiration from a mud puddle 🙂

Well, today I was inspired by my slow cooker… and Santa! So here is a little story I would like to call:

Santa Stole my Chili Recipe 

The cool winter winds shook the windows of my apartment as the sun peaked through the clouds and provided a temporary warmth throughout the small, damp west coast city. All of the ingredients were ready to go for the nights Christmas Party Chili I was going to prepare. I peeled 3 cloves of garlic and squished them through the garlic press, sprinkling the goodness over all the assorted beans in my big white slow cooker.

The aromas began to fill my nose instantly as I chopped up some fresh green onions from my garden. I added some juicy mushrooms, a scoop of tomato paste and poured in a couple of tablespoons of black bean sauce (an ingredient I can’t live without). As the porcelain pot heated to a perfect low temperature I added my last spices on top of a slab of locally grown bison meat. A bit of salt and pepper, oregano, chili powder, garlic powder, turmeric, 2 bay leaves and a cup of organic cane sugar to sweeten up the dish.

Suddenly there was a shuffling of feet behind me. I jumped with surprise and swung around to see what it was, but I saw nothing. Shaking my head and giggling I continued to stir my sweet chili as the smells of the meal filled the room. It was time to place the lid on top and let the flavors devour each other for the next 7 hours.

I continued on with my day running around and getting things ready for the party. I was so excited to share my delicious chili with all my friends. Later that afternoon I returned to the chili once more to give it another stir and add more sugar and a secret ingredient. 😉 That’s when I found… the note!

It was a note from Santa

Ho ho ho my dear Tiny T! Merry Christmas! I happened to follow my nose right to your yummy chili today and I just had to have the recipe. I hope you don’t  mind but I looked at the chili to see what you had added. I am sorry to say dear, but I have stolen your chili recipe to cook in my slow cooker for the elves back at The North Pole. 

Love Santa xo (PS: You’ve been a very good girl this year!) 🙂  🙂 

And with the two smiley faces ending the note I realized Santa had robbed me. This was defiantly not a bad thing though. Little did he know I hadn’t added in the extra sugar or the secret ingredient in yet!! Haha Santa only had part of the recipe but it would still be very scrumptious.

The Christmas Party Chili recipe saved the day!!

I jumped with joy knowing that everyone was going to eat my wonderful chili that night and it filled my heart with love to know that Santa loved my chili so much. Hopefully the elves would love it to. Later that night while going through my phone I found that Santa had taken some incriminating photos. I must have left the phone by the slow cooker.

Oh Santa! What a silly guy!

1488712_10154951313370444_4737890851227708157_n 1555316_10154951310310444_1074687160962026248_n




You Are Here. So Be Here xo LOVE!


~I’ve written posts like this before… and I will continue to write them again and again. It is the only message that matters. You matter xo You are here. So be here.

People may criticize you and I for believing; for having hope. Haters will hate. Pessimists will demonize. They just need a little love xo

Hard times will be had by all every single day. Things will not go your way and you may not finish what you have begun. There will be days when getting out of bed seems pointless. You will have a broken heart time and time again.

Someone will hurt you. Some day your world will crumble… maybe today is that day.


You are here. So be here. LOVE!

As people, we have a choice. We have the ultimate decision. We choose what tomorrow will bring.

Some day you may fall down that rabbit hole and spiral around and around out of control until you can no longer see what is happening on the walls of the tunnel. You may not see it, but it is there. You may not feel it, but it is there. Inside you…

Love xo

I spread this message of love to all of you who are reading my words because I’ve seen it time and time again. Love that is lost and love that is stagnant. It may be dormant, but it’s still right here with you.

See the beauty, the colors and all of the LOVE that surrounds us. Capture it!

I have seen bad days and I have lost many people who I’ve loved dearly. I have been down that rabbit hole many times and I have stayed in bed for too long, crying too many tears. But love is here within me. Love is all around us. This message of love is for all of us to share. Share with those who need it most and shoot that love out of your heart to those who don’t accept it.

Because one day they will see. One day they will accept the love they deserve and spread that love to those who need it.

We are ALL here. So be here. LOVE!

People may read this post and think. “Not again…” and cringe or sigh because I keep shooting out of my heart this love they do not know how to accept. But I will not cease. For it is only love that will bring us through these hard times. It is ONLY LOVE that will heal the world and it is only love I want to give.

So be here. Have the love we all need. Share the love.

You are here. So be here. 🙂 And invite everyone else to be here too. A tiny bit of love goes a very long way. How will you spread love today?

Love ~T



Good Morning Monday!

A good morning Monday to you!

hand-302802_1280Change is in the cool winter air and I know that change must start with me
There is so much good in the world I want everyone to see
I won’t focus on the negative because that will drive me mad

I don’t want to feel angry, hurt or sad

When an adorable little girl dances in a subway station and others join in
When a young student pushes herself so hard she can’t feel her legs but she still wins!
An elephant sees the ocean for the first time and is filled with joy
A sea creature on a dinner plate is mourned by one loving little boy

There is so much good in the world to see
We must be the change we have to be
When a man leaves his career behind to feed and care for the poor
All a dying girl wants are Christmas cards for her last Christmas… she wants nothing more
A mother dies and leaves behind a beautiful baby
A father is tragically killed but his son is saved and his mother thinks, “Just maybe…”

She will thank and honor those who were there
She will cherish each person who cared
Cared enough to not think twice… they did what they had to do and finally someone came through to say, “Thank you.”

If you look hard enough you will see that we are the change the world needs us to be xox

Have a wonderful week full of change and hope 🙂


Moving Forward in Life: What’s the Next Move?

chess-figure-438446_1280~Life is like a game of chess: you can be extremely patient, choose your play wisely and then carefully move your piece only to find out that your opponent had you in check mate the entire time. At least I’m pretty sure that’s how you play chess. 😉
So moving forward in life: what’s the next move then?

Life can also be a roller coaster ride going up and down and spinning in loops so you feel sick. But then you hit that drop that makes you wail like a little kid laughing the entire time. How can you really know? There are no certainties in life and whether you want to use the chess metaphor or the roller coaster ride metaphor, you are the only person that can make the choices you make.


If you have followed along on this journey of mine you may have noticed my life being a bit of both. I waited for this new fitness studio to open up thinking I had a definite job only to be considered “The Weakest Link” on the 2nd day of training. I’ve also had a great deal of my ups and downs. I felt like a failure and I was lost. Then I decided I would go for a childhood dream of mine to be a Journalist… and I was published for the first time yesterday. If you told me a few months ago that was going to happen I would’ve laughed in your face. It just goes to show that anything can happen whether it be good or bad or ugly… or amazingly awesome!!

The next move: To strive forward.

It doesn’t matter what has happened up until this point. What matters is moving onto another phase of life. Because if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. That movement can be dangerous and you could wind up bumping into something if you’re not careful.

Have you ever had that lack of motivation when things don’t seem to be going your way for a while? Have you felt like giving up because everything you do fails or doesn’t turn out the way you want?

Well don’t worry that’s completely normal 🙂 I have come to see this now.

I am going to be honest with you now. I have been unemployed since July and sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed. I continually ask myself:

Can I really make a living as a writer? Am I cut out to be a Journalist? Who knows? I will never know unless I give it a try.

It’s tough when you haven’t had “a real job” for an extended period. You start to feel stressed out and depressed that you’re still not working and you feel like you’re being judged. And trust me, I’ve tried to make it right. I’ve handed out some resumes, cold called companies, had a few interviews, attended multiple workshops and I even started working with a career counselor which has been incredibly helpful. I realized a long time ago that I don’t want to be a Dental Assistant and I don’t want to be a Personal Trainer and I don’t really want to work for someone else. I want to work for myself, but it’s no easy task.

That article I wrote took about 2-3 weeks to get a final draft, and that’s including the time it took to edit. Now I just need to do that about 10 times to get some publications under my belt. I also don’t have any formal training when it comes to business and my skills are few and far between because I don’t have a lot of transferable skills now from my previous training. Luckily I have the opportunity to apply for government funding while I’m on EI.

So today I am submitting an application for University funding. I’ve applied for a business program at UVic and hopefully Employment Insurance will pay for it. Fingers crossed!!

It may not be the exact program I want as I would love to do a writing degree, but unfortunately they don’t fund those kinds of programs. At this point in my life I need something and business seems like the best way to go to grab some credentials and learn some transferable skills. Once I’m approved it’s going to be a mad dash to the finish line. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous going back to school at the age of 30, but I’m also very excited as well. I’ll be able to get myself back onto a routine and being in a school setting will motivate me to put in those extra hours for writing and other things I want to be doing.

I’m going to write my book, actively pitch some publications and get my name out there, get a business certificate and push myself to my limit. I think it’s about time… don’t you? It’s my duty to strive forward and take control of my life. What else am I going to do? Just sit around and wait for that silver platter… NOPE that’s not an option.

So if you’re ever feeling stuck or bored with life, just remember this:

It’s NEVER too late to change something. Hell I’ve changed my career a few times now!

Life is what you make of it.

What’s your next move??


Happy Friday!! 😀