Thursday Thoughts: The Job Hunt

~It’s always a bit scary going back out into the working world after a break from the typical 9-5 workday for 5 days a week. And after school it feels a bit intimidating as I am now looking for a completely different kind of career. I was a Dental Assistant for so many years and I’ve never really ventured away from that particular field, even when changing to reception.

Now it’s time to promote some new skills. It is now time for The Job Hunt.

Business is everything from small start-up companies to large corporations and I am ready for something exciting and interesting. But how do you find exactly what you’re looking for when you don’t really know what exactly it is you are looking for in the first place.

I suppose I just have to test those waters and stick my hands in a few different pots.


I’ve been looking for intriguing job postings that sound fun and lively such as small marketing firms and graphic design companies. One of most appealing postings I found is a small start-up company that specializes in creating mobile apps, online marketing and other cool techy stuff. The best part about the posting was that they want someone who likes Foosball and handing out snacks to the team. Those are two of my favorite things! I love snacks ūüôā

Digital Marketing is the future of almost everything if you think about it and I want to be a part of it all. So those are the kinds of positions I will be looking for. Flexible hours, creative thinking and a fun team of people is just what I need for my future endeavors. I need to get into some serious research and find a company that has all of those things.

I would love to do something like an internship where I learn everything about the organization and follow cool people around all day learning about what they do. I definitely don’t want to settle for the same old job anymore. It’s time to branch out and gain some experience with my list of new skills and abilities.

My objective: to find employment in an establishment where I can apply both my business and writing skills.


Wish me luck!

Thursday Thoughts: Brains vs. Computers

adult-education-379219_1280Our minds are powerful tools that shape our every day lives. Computers are also very powerful tools that aid us in finding and storing information, but so do our minds. So we could say that computers are just like brains in a way. And that our brains are like a computer.

Now, I had this “argument” with my dad about whether computers make you smarter;¬†My dad says computers definitely make people smarter and that’s why the next generation is more intelligent.notebook-405755_1280
I don’t agree.

I believe it’s the information we feed the computers that make us more computer savvy, not necessarily smarter though. Computers, if used only for mind numbing activities, can make us lazy and uninformed.

We can look at this in two different ways: In a way, yes, computers can make you more knowledgeable, but it all depends on what you are using your computer for. There is a huge difference between a “couch potato” gamer who does nothing but waste away hours and hours playing games and an honors student researching for a master’s degree or a programmer creating new software.

It’s the information we put into computers that can make us smarter, not the actual computer itself. In fact computers are solely made for one purpose: calculations. Literally, the only thing a computer does is input information and decode that information using arithmetic.


Maybe it’s just the sentence I’m having a problem with: computers make us smarter. A computer is a machine that we have to program.

So what do you think? Do you think computers make us smarter or do you think computers make us lazy?

Just a thought…

Thursday Thoughts on Coffee Mmmmmmmm

a-cup-of-coffee-399480_1280I LOVE my morning coffee!

But I have a little secret: I only started drinking coffee when I was about 25 years old. I never used to drink it because I have a sensitive stomach so I steered clear for a long time. That was until I started working in an office with a woman who drank 10 cups of coffee every day.

Yup you read that right… 10 cups!

Each morning I arrived in the office, my nose would instantly be filled with that delightful smell of fresh brewed coffee. Oh it smelled so good!! Eventually I caved in after the 5th or 6th pot was made one day. I finally joined in the coffee drinking ceremony.¬†At first I could only get through a half a cup because I wasn’t used to drinking coffee at all and I would get the jitters. And I’m sure you know what happens to most people when they drink coffee ūüėČ I don’t have to go into those details.

Soon enough I had my routine: 2 cream and a whole whack of sugar!! I know it’s bad… but soooooo GOOD!!

Soon after that I bought my very first coffee pot which was so tiny you could only get about 3 cups out of it, so it was perfect for my minimal coffee consumption. Now I have a beautiful espresso maker combo with a pot on one side and a press on the other.

Then I discovered iced coffee!! Oh wowsers do I ever LOVE iced coffee. I could probably suck back an iced coffee in under a minute.

Now I am hooked. I know a lot of people think drinking coffee is really bad for you and some even try to stop drinking it. But not me… I LOVE my morning coffee ūüėÄ And it’s full of antioxidants! I only have one cup a day and a lot of the time I don’t finish the whole thing. I’ve switched to coconut cream and organic brown cane sugar to try to avoid white sugar and dairy. I also love my coffee strong so I use the espresso setting on my coffee maker. Mmm mmm!! xox¬†coffee-424763_1280



Even Santa loves my coffee! 10868004_10154971012890444_6265469695036780479_n



How about you?

How do you like your coffee in the morning???

Good Morning Monday!

Never fear because Monday is here!!! GOOD MORNING!! ūüôā


Do you ever get that feeling when Monday morning rolls around? Of course you do… we all do. It’s those dreaded Monday’s…

“Somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s Whomp whomp!”

SO How can I inspire you today and help make your Monday A OK!?!

How about this cute picture of a TURTLE!?these_funny_animals_691_640_37





I dream of a world with turtles, as far as the eye can see
I dream of a land so lush, that highways can no longer be
I dream of a mix of colors, opportunities and wide open doors
I dream that the clouds are organic and on natural wings we soar
I dream that our lives have been saved by the people who actually care
I dream there are words of truth, rather than the lies that are full of hot air
I dream that you share my passion to make a better life for us all
I dream of a fantasy untouched, where we can all finally stand up tall ‚̧

~Dreams can come true… if you truly believe~

May your week be full of beautiful dreams and success!


Confessions of a 30-year-old Failure


girl-218706_1280I honestly don’t know how I keep coming back from it. I have literally failed so many times at a multitude of different things and somehow I stay alive. I am still breathing. There have been countless occasions when I have¬†looked into the mirror with my distant hazel green eyes glazed over. The dark circles have turned to puffs…

and not the delicious cream filled kind either.

I feel the decline. That downfall that rips my emotions down the never-ending rabbit hole only to fall into the same life. The same old rat race we call “living”.
The tears pour out like trickling waterfalls that have finally dried up and the last microscopic elements of the water linger in the corners of my canthi while I just stare. I stare into space not really looking at myself but at the vast everlasting universe behind the sadness.

I hate myself. I am a failure. I have once again failed and I feel nothing but pain and bitterness. Why does this keep happening to me?
I try and try and stay positive through the whole grueling process, but here I am… a failure.
I am alone.


If you have ever felt this feeling than you know how much it hurts. Failure is not a very pleasant experience.

So how do you move on from it?

Well I would like to tell you that everything will work out.
I would like to say that this feeling will pass.
I would love to tell you that I have bounced back from every failure I have ever encountered.

But alas, I can’t tell you any of those things because I am not a psychic for one, and I haven’t bounced back from a lot of my failures. I still sit here and beat myself up constantly and sometimes I feel that maybe being a failure is all I will ever be successful at.

Pretty uplifting right?!

images238GCQHHAll I can say is this:
Failure is not you or me or anything we do.

Failure is everything.

Everything on this planet is failing.

I look at it as a sign that the only way to go now is forward. Moving on is tough when everything around us is crumbling.
So I own it.
I sit in my failure and bask in its inevitable grip.

Do you remember the saying you heard all the time as a little kid:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!”

Well that’s just life. Life is full of failures and we just have to keep trying. If we do not fail at anything then we leave the earth never succeeding.
Failure is success and success is failure. You can’t have one without the other.

When I was 22 years old I became a Dental Assistant. Soon after that happened I ended a 2 year relationship. Fail. Then I went travelling and put myself so far into debt that I had to borrow a large amount of money from my little brother just to get by in the following years. Fail. Then I had to quit the dental assisting because I was miserable. Fail. 4 years ago I became a Personal Trainer and it’s been a constant struggle to make a living. Then 2 days ago I got canned from a new fitness studio in town because after a day of training, they didn’t think I was the right “fit” for the company. Fail. I’ve also tried 4 different multi-level marketing companies… FAILED! I tried to be a musician for¬†a few years…¬†FAILED!

I have failed at everything I’ve tried so far and I am still here. I am still breathing.

I am 30 years old and still looking for my dream job… And I am ok with that.

So if you have failed at anything recently and feel down in the dumps, I just hope you know that you are not alone. I’m right there with ya!! ūüôā

So let’s move on to the next thing, whatever it may be and let our failures be our guide.

~Let us embrace our failures.~

I would rather fail at everything I do rather than never do anything at all and have a butt-load of regrets when I die. Life is what it is and that’s what we have to remember.

So¬†GO, get out there and FAIL! For whatever happens… there is always something else to try. And that’s the only advice I have as a 30-year-old failure.

Try try again xo


ThE DarKer ThoUghts…

The darker side of my mind…


Society upheld by a propriety.
A deity contrary to the anxiety.
Chemical Wasteland.

Food from a toxic can. Tar sands.
Orange flesh fake tans.

Gas masks. The next collection of half assed.
Small pox detox.
How bout a little Botox?
kids gas maskBeat box. Clorox.
You got some holes in those wool socks.
Investing in the highest stocks doc?
Pharmaceutical take down.
Political break down.
RCMP shake down.

seems to be a sort of irony. A tyranny of a long expected rhyme foreseen.
Blas fame. A total catastrophe.
Holding hands with these mothers-to-be.

Animal mutated babies.
The cause and factors… are we?


Covering up all the loose ties. Leaders getting high.
Chemtrails and pollutants a necessity to die.
So many blinded by
Material things. Gold and diamond rings. Bling.
If we have no voice we can’t sing.
Technology zombie kids and contaminated spare ribs.


A stellar way to be hard-core
Reprogramming centers galore

Who cares about grammar?
Who cares about verse?
Who cares about us?

Dark thoughts arise.
Is this our demise?

Look on the bright side.

We are still alive.


The poetry in my head…

Good Morning Monday!

Good Morning Monday!


Red, blue, green and yellow

See a stranger and say “Hello!’

One, two, three, four

See a lady open her door

Eeny meeny miny moe

1234Compliment a mother like so:

“You have a great smile and what a cute child.”

And then give that baby a new Yoyo

Acts of kindness hand in hand

With the rejuvenation of our fellow man

Help an old woman walk across the street

Give a homeless person some warm socks for their feet

Join in when a choir sings

Think about all the wonderful things

We can help each other with everyday

To laugh and sing and jump and play

Adopt a pet who didn’t have a chance

A nod a hand shake or a friendly glance images1

To that person walking by

Imagine if everyone just gave this simple act a try

The little fairies would rejoice

Because together we all have one giant voice

Love ‚̧

Pay it forward ‚̧ Karma is real

Have a lovely week xo

Thursday Thoughts: A Fairy Tale

images~There once was a magical land full of wonder, pure happiness and brilliant fairies of all kinds. It was called Panallia.

Painted with vibrant colors and sparkling skin the fairies would fly around in the deepest of dreams spreading love and peace. Content in their ways the fairies did not concern themselves with materialistic things, jealousy or violence because fairies (as you may know) are a very peaceful bunch.

The fairy lands were a wondrous sight indeed, with floating mountains high above the fluffy white clouds and trickling waterfalls that were crystal clear. The fairies would fly from tuft to tuft landing on the soft velvety moss with their tiny bare feet giggling all along the way. Glorious purple, red and pink flowers were scattered throughout the patches of lime green grass and under beautiful swaying trees which sang the songs of the land as the warm wind blew through their strong branches. The shining sun was always in the sky during the day and when night finally engulfed the majestic lands hanging in mid-air, the stars above were brighter than any human could ever see.

One small fairy in particular worried about the incredible landscapes that her and her family had come to love and cherish. Her name was Lanolind, the red fairy healer. Lanolind was a special dream fairy who protected the hearts of the children on earth down below the lands of Panallia. She dedicated her life to them, saved their innocence and dusted them with hope and magic so they could fulfill their desires and dreams of the future. And of course, she helped them to believe in fairy tales, for that was what made Panallia prosper and radiate its magnificence. It was how its existence thrived.

But alas, Lanolind found that it was becoming more and more difficult to instill hope into the poor children and began to realise the kids were no longer holding onto their hopes and dreams. Her magical fairy dust was being blocked by darkness and she could not figure out how to regain the light in their hearts. Dreams were forgotten and hope was lost. Even the lands of Panallia started to look darker and the flowers could no longer dance as they used to. The days seemed shorter and the wind became cool.

The children were becoming stagnant and they were no longer open to their own dreams nor did they believe in themselves. And so, they did not believe in fairy tales. Something had to be done.

So, Lanolind gathered a group of 3 other fairies to a meeting on the main mountain of Panallia, where bright blue dragon flies mingled with other insects and multicolored butterflies rested on yellow daisies. The meeting was called to discuss a shift in consciousness. To find a solution to the darkness that clouded the young minds on earth. The 4 fairies formed a circle facing each other and planted themselves on brown bulbous mushroom seats.

“They do not believe in us anymore. And worst of all… they no longer dream!” Cried Lanolind in her high-pitched voice as the other fairies quivered. A few gasps filled the fresh air and the fairies glanced back and forth exchanging fearful looks to one another.

For if the children no longer believed in fairy tales and hope for the future, then the fairies would fade away out of existence never to be thought of again.  Dreams would forever die and innocence would be lost for all eternity.

“What can we do?” Whispered Ezla, the purple fairy who cared for the animals.

All of the fairies remained silent.

No one knew what to do and each fairy lowered their wings in defeat one by one. Was there simply nothing they could do?

Hours and hours passed until finally Alarna, the golden fairy of light, shot up into the air and squealed as loud as she could.

“I’ve got it!” She exclaimed.

All of the pretty fairies locked their eyes on Alarna’s golden glow, anxiously awaiting her solution for this awful occurrence. As she lowered herself back down onto a silky mushroom top she opened her arms and slowly waved her wand in a circle creating a golden funnel of¬†illumination¬†in the center of the fairies.

“We will make the adults believe in us again!” She said confidently.

The 3 fairies looked at one another again with doubt splashed across their delicate faces.

“But how will we do that?” Asked Baltinda, the flower fairy full of ruffles and flower petals hung around¬†her tiny frame.

Alarna smiled as big as she could from ear to ear and opened her hand to the fairies.

“All we have to do is combine our strengths together to spread hope and love throughout the dreams of the adults. Only then will the children follow.”

It seemed like a mighty task indeed. To save the minds of the parents and regain their hope for the world. To believe in dreams and then teach their children to do the same. To tell the fairy tales once again.

It seemed impossible.

But the fairies were determined to find a way to survive. They wanted to help the poor souls that had lost their way. They truly believed in the future of mankind… that there must be a way to save the children AND their parents. So together they made¬†the most powerful fairy dust full of light from Alarna, compassion from Ezla, beauty from Baltinda and last but not least, pure hope from Lanolind. A combination of all the things that the humans desperately needed to survive.


The final step was to find a way to sprinkle the powerful dust over the minds of the humans all at once so that the magic would work on everyone… so they called upon the white fairy of snow and frost, Zalinia.

Zalinia and the 4 other fairies then formed a circle over the earth once the darkness had taken away all light except for the crescent moon that night. From high above¬†they linked themselves together with¬†their petite hands while they began to sing the songs of the land with the swaying trees. They summoned their deepest most cherished¬†magic from within. Their¬†strongest hopes and dreams… and together created a blanket of magic and wonder that covered all of the earths surface.

Down below the warm shiny dust fell upon the innocent and left them sneezing and laughing in their sleep. Dreams began to resurface and build hopes for the days to come.

It wasn’t until days later that a wave of inspiration washed over Panallia and the flowers began to dance and sing along with the trees once again. The magic grew so strong that the fairies felt true happiness and strength within the land. The plan had worked and a shift was made!

A tremendous celebration rang through the heavens and brought a new found dreamscape full of promise and utopia. The fairies had succeeded in saving the minds of the humans, and in this action saved their home and themselves.

The floating mountains of Panallia were restored. Saved by the human dreams once they believed in themselves again. Parents began to tell fairy tales to their children who grew up to follow their own dreams.


The end.


The BEST things in SMALL Packages!

How can a tiny girl like me inspire you today? ūüôā

We are tiny¬†specs on a very large organism… so yes we are all very small on the grand scale of things. The universe is so vast we can’t even begin to¬†comprehend.

We are … Ants on log!



~It doesn’t matter how tall you are

~It doesn’t matter how small you are

~It doesn’t matter how big you are

~It doesn’t even matter WHO you are

~It doesn’t matter if you’re a teeny tiny itty bitty little organism living on a bigger organism living in an even bigger organism!!

The earth itself is just a tiny organism in a vast universe… and that’s why the best things come in small packages. Like YOU and ME and EARTH!

It’s a small world so let your heart be BIG! ‚̧



XO The tiny writer

The way you view the world… Is the way the world will be xo

~Life only comes to those who decide to live it. To make the most of each and every day is to be grateful for what you already have. Love ‚̧

~If we let materialistic things ruin our innocence and freedom, only then have we given up on life itself.

~To be selfish. To be greedy. To be ignorant. To be these things that society has deemed “important” is to give up the true meaning of life.


Tiny girl. Big opinions.

Share your voice with the world! xo