Keywords, widgets and tags… Oh my!! I need some help with my WordPress site

~Writers block has hit me hard this week and my blog posts have been few and far between. I’ve really started digging into my WordPress functions and I’m a bit overwhelmed. Spending a lot of time looking into SEO options and figuring out how to optimize my site views has left me feeling confused and slightly frustrated.

And the writing journey continues! 🙂 Building my website is all part of the learning process.

It turns out I’ve been using my keywords all wrong. I don’t have a plugins option and my site is quite limited. Has anyone else had this problem and can you help me out?

Here is what I’ve learned so far:

-Keywords have to appear in the title of a post and also appear in the URL and you have to optimize your keywords so people can find you. Tags in your article have to match your keywords as well and you can have all of this done automatically by upgrading the SEO.

In the dashboard of my WP site I don’t have a plugins link so I purchased another hosting site to upgrade my SEO. I now have a site called through

-I have widgets that I really like on my WordPress site that don’t appear on new hosting site and I don’t think they’re transferable. I also don’t think my custom settings I’ve purchased from WP can transfer either.

I’m stumped!

I know I have to link the two URL’s together but the settings aren’t working. I’m thinking I need a different hosting site OR I need to know how to upgrade my SEO through WordPress.

I’m really not computer savvy so this is the part of my journey where I need to ask for help. And now there’s weird links on random words throughout my site. I don’t know what I did??

Can anyone help me with this? I would really like to improve my site. I will repay you with a virtual hug and a shoutout!! 🙂 Thanks!! And Happy writing! ❤