Great Places in Victoria: My Practice Portfolio

Why I love being a tourist in my hometown Victoria B.C.

Part 1: Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Victoria

As a local Victoria dweller, I’ve seen so much of what there is to see in this wonderful city. From Miniature World to The Royal London Wax Museum, Victoria has so many great tourist attractions to offer. Sometimes I even like to pretend that I’m a tourist by staying at one of the fancy hotels or resorts in town for a night… just for fun! Here are 4 amazing places to stay while you’re in Victoria if you’re looking for a bit of luxury:

Chateau Victoria20131029_124315

Located right downtown, this beautiful hotel has a wondrous interior as well as a stunning view of the ocean from the higher floors. Walking into the room seeing the fluffy white bed, a spacious balcony and gorgeous design I was blown away with the pristine layout of this suite. With the crisp, modern look of the radiant room I felt like a business woman on a luxurious vacation. There’s Clive’s Classic Lounge downstairs in the lobby or you can check out one of Victoria’s most popular fine dining restaurants upstairs at Vista 18 for a delicious meal.

Fairmont Empress Hotel

20131029_121814If you want to catch a glimpse of the older, more classic decor of Victoria’s heritage and architecture, this is a fantastic hotel to stay at. Although it’s a bit out dated, this historical hotel is said to be one of the best in the world and the appreciation for this vintage property is worth the experience. It’s a refined, comfortable stay facing the heart of the downtown inner harbor. The sights that surround this grand hotel are not only captivating, but they’re only a stone’s throw away. The Empress is very popular for its renowned tea room and hosts an array of conventions and events throughout the year.

Brentwood Bay Resort and SpaIMG_20130215_160318

I guess this resort is not “in town”, but if you’re willing to take a short 20 minute drive to the outskirts of Victoria into Brentwood Bay this is one of the nicest resorts I’ve seen. With an outdoor pool and hot tub right by the water you can watch the stars come out while you relax and bask in the clean coastal air. My favorite part about this room was the massive, sparkling Jacuzzi tub with a cute wooden window that opens up to the rest of the room from the bathroom. There’s a glorious view of the mountains behind the boats in the harbor, which you can admire while you enjoy your morning coffee.


Parkside Resort and Spa

This accommodation is by far the best one yet. I surprised my boyfriend for his birthday with this wonderful spot close to downtown and we were both amazed by the extravagance of this suite as we entered. The immaculate condo-sized room had a full kitchen, 2 fabulous bathrooms with heated floors, a deep soaker tub and a huge living area with a fireplace. We laid-back in our warm robes and poured ourselves a glass of wine and relished in the exquisite surroundings.  From the dazzling white sinks to the shiny polished faucets, everything about this venue was absolutely magnificent.

20131029_124847 20131029_125004

2 thoughts on “Great Places in Victoria: My Practice Portfolio

    • I’m glad you liked my review! My boyfriend and I do spoil ourselves every once in a while, especially on anniversary’s or something. It’s makes us feel like we’re rich, just for one night 😉 It’s fun pretending!


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