Spirit and Wine tours

Why I love being a tourist in my hometown Victoria, B.C.

Part 2: Spirit and Wine tours

For the perfect gift on our anniversary, my loving boyfriend Anthony surprised me by taking us to a local spirits distillery and 2 local wineries just outside of Victoria. He paid his friend to drive us to each place while we snuggled in the back seat, drove to a few tastings and then had lunch at a cute little bistro right beside one of the vineyards. Not only did we feel like we were travelers on an exciting vacation, but we also experienced firsthand how the tasty spirits and wines are created.  If you’re looking for something fun to do while you’re visiting Victoria you should definitely check out one or two of these great tours and tastings:

Victoria Spirits

Anthony absolutely loves gin. So of course our first stop was this superb gin and vodka distillery situated on an organic vineyard down Old West Saanich Road. Operating as a family business this company makes a palatable gin called Oaken Barrel which is very popular in Victoria. The smooth spirits are made in a gorgeous copper pot still that was specifically hand crafted for them. Not only do they make an assortment of uniquely flavored bitters, but they also create distilled whiskey and wine. During the tour we were shown the complete process which occurs through the still and the different spirits that are processed in it. To top it all off we had a delicious tasting of Canada’s first premium gin.


De Vine Vineyards20130630_160341

Our second stop was at this exceptional winery overlooking the wonderful coastline and mountains from the vineyard. There was a beautiful bar full of a variety of wines and a lovely sitting area where they offered complimentary tastings. With a large glossy wood bar, a shining array of wine glasses and an elegant black chandelier hanging above us, this tasting room was a very warm and comfortable setting. We tried 3 or 4 wines including a desert wine called Epiphany, which was my favorite. All of the wines were absolutely delicious and we walked away with 2 bottles to take home. Great conversation, a ravishing room and a few glasses of plush wine… what more could you ask for?


Muse Winery and Bistro

20130630_141949Finally we came to our last stop for lunch. Right beside the flourishing vineyard we enjoyed our last tasting and some delectable food at Muse Bistro. The aromas that filled the air were delightful as we savored a small glass of Merlot with our meal. My personal favored wine is the Rambling Rose, which is quite pleasing to the palate. While we ate we listened to opera singing from the dining hall next door and the soothing harmonies that echoed through the grapevines. I’ve always loved Muse wines, and this was a fabulous way to spend the afternoon. The sun was shining and the service was fantastic. It was a splendid gift for our anniversary and I will never forget this fine day full of tasty wines and darling company.


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