Guest Post by: Adrea Kore-Erotic Poetry Guru xo

I am so honored to have the lovely Miss Adrea Kore as a guest blogger today! Adrea is from Melbourne, Australia and writes the most incredible erotic poetry. What a treat to have my tiny little blog spiced up by this wonderful gal xox Please check her out:¬†you won’t be disappointed ūüėÄ

Thank you Adrea! ~T


Naked, I find myself
here, at both pinnacle
and this most fragile of places
Neither here nor there
A world of possibilities
Unfolding giddily beneath
A bare-legged refusal
to run for safety;
to choose one side in haste, foregoing
sweet knowledge of the other
I stand strong in the liminal heights,
A wide-eyed heart
Invoking divine transition

Girl on bridge - Darbi Dunbar

Girl on bridge


© Adrea Kore  2013

Adrea Kore is a writer/performer, residing in Melbourne, Australia. A former theatre director and artist’s model, she engages strongly with themes of ‘the feminine’, publishing both fiction and non-fiction. She‚Äôs featured in American erotic anthology¬†Dirty Little Numbers¬†by Go Deeper Press, and her story Peek Hour can be found in the fresh-off-the-press release of “Best Of” anthology Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 13. Adrea¬†¬†is fascinated by creative process, and the place where words emerge from our most physical of experiences. Her erotica short stories feature on¬†Erotica Writers and Readers‚Äô (ERWA) online gallery,¬†¬†and in Australian anthology¬†A Storytelling of Ravens.

Currently working on her first collection of themed short erotica stories, and ignoring her novella draft, Adrea has just discovered blogging. Visit her at Kore Desires.