How Do You Overcome Self Doubt?

~There’s always that little voice inside. The voice that whispers, “You can’t” or “You won’t”. It’s like the little devil on your left shoulder telling you to do the opposite thing the little angel on your right shoulder is telling you to do.


So how do you snap out of it and release that negative voice? How do you overcome self-doubt?

Maybe it’s from a parent or a loved one telling you to never to put all of your eggs into one basket. I know from my personal experience my dad was always doubtful of my ventures and questioned what I was doing with my life. So now when I want to try new and exciting things, I hear him say: “Are you sure?”

And well… yes I am sure.

Even though my mother and my incredibly supportive friends tell me how proud they are and that they support me in whatever I do, sometimes that little voice says, “They doubt you.”

Well I have learned over the years that it’s my own self doubt telling me to be cautious or leading me to repeat the same habits I have coiled myself into when looking for my true path. So I have finally come up with a solution:

You must kill the little voice.abstract-315911_1280

First, you must find that little voice when its at it’s loudest. When it’s yelling at you so clearly that you have to cover your ears and bury your head in a pillow.

Then you must sneak your metaphorical knife from under that pillow where you had it hiding the day before when you planned the kill.

Then finally when that voice presents itself in its loudest truest form you slash and slash until you cannot hear that stupid negative, little, squeaky, annoying voice. Don’t stop until it is completely silent.

Then bury it.

Bury that self-doubt so far underground that no one will ever find it again. Finally dispose of the metaphorical knife so no one knows you have killed your self-doubt. All anyone will ever know is that you have finally overcome your restraints. You no longer doubt yourself and you walk around with a newly found confidence inside you that shines brighter than ever before.

You have nothing holding you back.

You can finally look into the mirror and repeat these 3 things:

I can do anything I put my mind to!

I have accomplished everything I have set out to do!

I deserve everything I’ve ever wanted!

And that my friends is how you overcome self-doubt.

KILL IT!!! And bury it so no one ever finds again.

Muahahahahahahaha!!! 😛


Good Morning Beautiful! :)

Yes I am talking to you 🙂 Good morning beautiful!!

I just want to say how beautiful you are today
And every day for that matter
So don’t you listen to that chatter

The voice inside that keeps you shy
The silly useless self doubt
Those people who always try and figure you out

It doesn’t matter what day, what they say or if you happen to be gay
You are beautiful in every way xo

I may not know you or see your face
We may never cross paths or be in the same space
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand
It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man

You are beautiful!! 😀

It doesn’t matter what you have done
You may be weathered from the bright sun
You may have already heard this today
But you are beautiful I must say

Maybe you don’t hear it enough
So here’s a hit of the really good stuff
You may not feel this way…


You are beautiful 🙂 I just wanted to say 🙂

I hope you have a beautiful day!



A Letter from a Successful Future Me~10 Years Later!

Dearest T,photo-172

It’s 2024. You’ve made it! You are a very successful writer and I have to commend you, it wasn’t easy to get to where you are today. All those grueling nights you stayed awake just to build your “online presence” I know at the time, you thought it was tedious and sometimes a pain in the ass, but look at you now! It was all worth it and you are incredibly grateful. You have an amazing community of writers, agents and clients knocking at your door. Now you are their source for information.

Do you remember when you started your online blog and you had no idea how to use it? Oh I do recall those days. What fun it was to dive into something so unknown… so alien.

All the technical stuff was so frustrating and confusing at times, but eventually you figured it out.

Your travel blog has blown up now and you have lived the life you had always dreamed of. You have finally seen the world and written so many wonderful stories about the places you’ve been. What an extraordinary journey!

I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments. You’ve written articles for National Geographic, Travel Life, Conde Nast Traveller, International Living and more…

You go girl!!

I know back then, when you were closing in on your 30th year, you were lost. You felt like a failure. But I am happy to tell you that now… that young girl would laugh at herself for feeling that way! 🙂 You are NOT your mistakes. You are your own lesson in life… and what a grand life it is.


You followed your dreams. You ARE a successful writer ❤

Love always,

Your future self xox