Good Morning Monday! A Christmas Wish for my Followers!

christmas-ornament-513506_1280With Christmas only a few days away, this is a special good morning Monday!

I would like to wish YOU a very happy week and send out a virtual *hug* to my faithful followers 🙂

~May your Christmas be full of love and joy. May you relish in this hallmark holiday and make it your own. For Christmas is what you make it to be and even though I don’t necessarily agree with the materialistic side of things, it’s nice to give gifts to loved ones and see their faces on Christmas morning.

A gift can be anything! It can be a song you wrote for your family, a hand-made item, some delicious cookies or a newspaper article that was published last month 😉 which is what I’m giving to my parents this Christmas. These are the types of gifts I love giving.

So my tiny gift to you on this; the second day of winter: A Tiny Christmas Poem 😀 For my followers! Happy Solstice!

A hug and a kiss for a true Christmas wish
A song and dance after a scrumptious fine dish
A day we can share with our loved ones we care
A message of love you don’t want to miss

I don’t know your face, your voice or your touch
But I just want to thank you so very much
For reading my blog and sharing your joy
Your “likes” are like little hugs and kisses and such 🙂

I send you positivity through this virtual world
The vibrations of hope to every boy and every girl
A vision of happiness through the wires and lines
May our souls of prosperity be virtually intertwined

My tiny Christmas wish to all of you wonderful souls
Is to have peace and sanctuary whether you are young or old
For if we are to change the world for the better
It’s going to take more than an ugly Christmas sweater

Let us all rejoice together
Rain or snow or whatever the weather
Near or far it doesn’t take a bus or a car
Right here we can have luck in our endeavors

This is our world in the grand blogosphere
We can share the Christmas love even if we’re not near
So this my tiny wish to you:

I wish you the best my fellow follower; my dear xo


May your week be full of Christmas LOVE!! 😀 Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends out there ❤

Love ~T



Good Morning Monday!

Well hello Mr. Monday Morning! 🙂

Possibilities are endless today
Spread those wings and fly far far away
To a land where only the dreamers can go
Where there are beautiful bodies of water that dance and flow
Clean fresh air and the greenest of greens
No hate no dangers no bully’s being mean

Day dreamer, let me show you the way
Let me tell you how we can live day to day
In this; a world that you’ve always dreamed of
Where you can fly high up above
All you have to do is close your eyes
And imagine yourself in that glorious blue sky

Take a hand and guide them all through
If we are to succeed this we must do
To show them the beauty that lies within
It’s the first step in which we have to begin
There is so much love

And we are ALL capable of…

Sharing our dreams and inviting everyone too

Let us day dream forever in a world that is brand new xox


Have a wonderful week full of lovely dreams!!


Good Morning Monday!

A good morning Monday to you!

hand-302802_1280Change is in the cool winter air and I know that change must start with me
There is so much good in the world I want everyone to see
I won’t focus on the negative because that will drive me mad

I don’t want to feel angry, hurt or sad

When an adorable little girl dances in a subway station and others join in
When a young student pushes herself so hard she can’t feel her legs but she still wins!
An elephant sees the ocean for the first time and is filled with joy
A sea creature on a dinner plate is mourned by one loving little boy

There is so much good in the world to see
We must be the change we have to be
When a man leaves his career behind to feed and care for the poor
All a dying girl wants are Christmas cards for her last Christmas… she wants nothing more
A mother dies and leaves behind a beautiful baby
A father is tragically killed but his son is saved and his mother thinks, “Just maybe…”

She will thank and honor those who were there
She will cherish each person who cared
Cared enough to not think twice… they did what they had to do and finally someone came through to say, “Thank you.”

If you look hard enough you will see that we are the change the world needs us to be xox

Have a wonderful week full of change and hope 🙂


A Bit of Change is ALL We Need!

background-163811_1280~There are a lot of people who don’t like change. I have been known to be one of those people in the past 🙂 Change can be a frightening thought at first, but sometimes a bit of change is all we need. As humans we become neutral and complacent after a while. We get into a routine and stick with it.

Get up in the morning

Have some breakfast
Go to work or work from home
Have some lunch
Go home or, on to the next chore
Make dinner
Go to bed
Save money for something

And all the other things in between of course. Don’t forget to floss!

That’s pretty much the rat race right there, and most of us live in it. It’s hard to break free from the norm and I know when I get into “lazy” mode it’s tough to snap out of it.

But what if we changed one little thing everyday? What if instead of having breakfast right out of bed, we have a tall glass of water? OR What if we take a different route to work with a few minutes extra to go for a stroll through a park with our morning coffee?

What if everyone started a little compost?

And what if everyone stopped buying so much stuff?

I ponder these questions constantly. What kind of change can I make that will get us going in the right direction?  I want to be a game changer! I want to change the world… but how?

Unfortunately, the conversation gets slightly awkward most of the time when I talk to people about changing the way we live. I’ve had some mildly heated arguments and lighthearted debates about how much we should really try to change the world. Usually this happens when there is a bunch of alcohol involved but hey, at least we talk about it right!? And a lot of people out there have just simply given up on everything and say, “Bring it on Armageddon!”.

Have you ever seen that reality TV show, Doomsday Preppers? Yikes! Those people dedicate their lives to end of the world. That’s not really thinking “outside the box” if you know what I mean. I’m all for self-preservation, but if the world is going to end… the world is going to end. What if those people took all of that food and fed the hungry a little bit? Do we really need 3 pantries and a shed full of food right now??

The earth doesn’t owe us anything. We owe it to ourselves to try to be the best people we can be and if we don’t try to change, then what are we doing?

I really don’t believe it’s our purpose to prepare for the end of the world or fight for our lives once the zombies start running around trying to eat our faces. If the world ends it’s because of us and what we’ve become. The world WILL end if we don’t change.

We need to get out there and speak our minds, open our souls and try to change us. Everyone has to get on board if it’s going to work. Instead of buying gifts for Christmas, make something or buy from a local artisan. Instead of upgrading to the next best iPhone or TV or stereo system, just stick with one and use it until it’s crapping out on you or broken. Instead of hoarding food or money, share it with people who don’t have it. Instead of judging people, help them in their battles. Instead of commercial, mass-produced food, buy locally and support farmers in the area. There are so many things we can all do.

A bit of change is a beautiful thing! 😀


This is my plea to YOU! Help me change the world for the better, one tiny little thing at a time.

And share it with the world no matter how many people stick their noses up at you and say they won’t help or they don’t want to try or that you’re doing it for your own selfish reasons (I get that all the time). Because we will try and we will succeed.

All I have to give is a message of love and this holiday season and I want to give that love to all of you out there.

Let us ALL change a little bit and see what we can do for ourselves and the earth. It all starts with us.

Happy Holidays and Happy Friday xox

world-227747_1280 unsplash_52a1c2d7d6f4f_1

Love ~T


Good Morning Monday!


Good Morning Monday my friend

I want them to be real; to no longer pretend
To unlock the door and let us in
That is where we all must begin
I don’t want to sit in the dark all alone
Controlled by media, computers and phones
Reach out your hand and feel the real touch
I’m telling you now it doesn’t take much
To remove the walls and the stones and the bricks
To eliminate all of the lies and the tricks
How come they don’t want to be one?
They want to control us with democracy and guns
It’s all about money in the true bitter end
They’d rather have dollars than have us as friends
To dictate, to rule, to poison our schools
They want to look generous, powerful and cool
But the few of us who know
We’re not your regular Joe’s
We will stand together as one

Maybe one day they will realize we can all harness the power of the beautiful sun?

Stay together to fight for our freedoms.

Our minds are ours… not their’s to control.

Unlock the door and throw away the key
I am asking you now… why can’t we all just be?


Why save the Sea Turtles?

Did you know that the Leatherback Sea Turtles are the largest turtles in the world? turtle

The heaviest one recorded was over 2,000 lbs. That’s incredible!!

Last year I decided to join GoVoluntouring so I could experience my first conservation project and pay it forward to those endangered animals in need. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

“GoVoluntouring is the leading full-service specialist for both volunteering and applied learning programs around the world.”

So, why should we save the sea turtles? A lot of people ask me why I chose turtles in particular. Why is a sea turtle so important?

Well, why is any animal important?

When I was looking for the perfect project I could really focus on I had a hard time choosing. There is no one animal more important than another. Every living thing on this planet is fundamental to our survival. If I could, I would volunteer all around the world helping as many animals as possible.

So why don’t I? Money. It’s the one excuse and roadblock I always run into. Stupid money.

Since I can’t afford to travel the world and volunteer everywhere… I chose an animal I’ve always loved. Turtles 🙂 That’s when I started my “Save the Sea Turtles” campaign and began fundraising.

When I was a little girl I had a pet turtle named Beverly. Why did I name her Beverly? I have no idea. I have an Aunty named Beverly… but I don’t think that had anything to do with it. I thought of my pet turtle Beverly when I decided to join a sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica.

I’ve learned only 1-2 turtles make it to sea after hatching. That usually means a single survivor in a nest full of hundreds of babies. Poaching, drag net fishing or just the loss of habitat will prove fatal for most of the baby turtles. There are a lot of forces working against them.


Why wouldn’t I want to save this little guy? He’s so cute!

The project is located in the north of the Caribbean province Limon. The beach is part of the 50km coastline stretching between Tortuguero National Park and the port of Limon, one of the biggest ports of Costa Rica. This beach is extremely important for the Leatherback and Green Sea Turtles. It is an essential nesting ground for them and sometimes it’s also visited by Hawksbill Sea Turtles, which are very rare. This area is very remote and uninhabited, other than the volunteers at the conservation. 

The cost for the conservation is $600/per week and that includes room and board the entire time you are there. The staff provides 3 meals a day and a clean place to sleep. All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the quarters and all the tools necessary for turtle research. In an email I received from my program co-ordinator, she told me this:

“Volunteer work includes assisting the staff with data collection, egg protection of the sea turtles and rescue and rehabilitation duties. It involves night patrols and hatchery shifts as well as daytime work like beach cleanup or construction of the hatcheries.”

Awesome right!? 

I’ve been fundraising for a whole year by posting facebook updates, selling my stuff, having sidewalk sale fundraisers and making jewelry. So far I’ve raised $1400 towards the project, which is a lot less than I thought I’d have by now. But, unfortunately a lot of people can’t get involved due to finances. Most people don’t even have $1 to spare… which is strange because they do seem to have money for other things… just not a dollar for a turtle. A good friend of mine even said that my fundraiser looked like I was just trying to get others to fund a vacation. Which kind of hurt but, I get it. That wasn’t my intention. And if you know me, you know I am not the kind of person to ever have those intentions. I truly want to help endangered animals.

To those people who have supported my cause and actually care enough just to wish me good luck … I am forever grateful. I am so lucky to have those people in my life who care about me. So I will keep on fundraising until I reach my goal and then go save some turtles!There’s a lot of controversy when it comes to volunteering which I’ve obviously learned about since starting my campaign… and you can read about it here:

and here:   and a ton of other articles out there.

I share this with you because I want to know what the general consensus is. What do YOU think about conservation? Is this something we can do to change the world?

I personally think conservation is important. So are a lot of other projects out there including feeding the hungry, standing up for women’s rights or even children’s education programs.

My future goals definitely include working as a full time volunteer and humanitarian. It’s what I want to write about. I would love more than anything to be a travel writer and use conservation efforts as my main focus. And so, this is all part of my journey to becoming a successful writer. I want my work to have purpose. To reach more and more people until we see a drastic change. So surely, you can count on hearing about the trip down to Costa Rica next year and about those magnificent turtles.

There are so many sea turtle conservations other than the one I’m getting involved in. If it’s something you’re interested in check out the GoVoluntouring website and browse through the wonderful campaigns. There are many opportunities to give back to the world or even support someone who has a passion for volunteering. You can also volunteer here:

OR here:

OR here:

I could go on and on…

Thursday Thoughts: How Can We Expand Our Minds?

How can we look at another living thing like a plant or the ocean and connect with that being? How do we connect with other organisms and species? I keep asking my self how to expand my mind, but I want to ask you. How do you expand your mind?

How can we ALL expand our minds?

I have been consistently going back to my original question. The question I asked myself when I started this blog: What is my message? What kind of awareness do I want to create?

There are so many topics floating around, so many things going on that we should be addressing as humans. The devastation that is happening is real. So where do we go from here? How do we move forward?

Meditation? Enlightenment? Raising our vibrations… these are all the terms we hear when we talk about “Higher Consciousness”  but how do we raise our vibrations? Is it just something that happens to a select group of people? Is it something we share with like-minded people? What is it?

I am searching for the best possible way to connect with people about this level of consciousness. It is a journey I will forever cherish. I for one will not rest until I have a better understanding of this.

So I ask you… where do we go from here? How do we make that shift in consciousness? Is there hope for the future minds of our children?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s get a discussion going!! 😀




A Letter from a Successful Future Me~10 Years Later!

Dearest T,photo-172

It’s 2024. You’ve made it! You are a very successful writer and I have to commend you, it wasn’t easy to get to where you are today. All those grueling nights you stayed awake just to build your “online presence” I know at the time, you thought it was tedious and sometimes a pain in the ass, but look at you now! It was all worth it and you are incredibly grateful. You have an amazing community of writers, agents and clients knocking at your door. Now you are their source for information.

Do you remember when you started your online blog and you had no idea how to use it? Oh I do recall those days. What fun it was to dive into something so unknown… so alien.

All the technical stuff was so frustrating and confusing at times, but eventually you figured it out.

Your travel blog has blown up now and you have lived the life you had always dreamed of. You have finally seen the world and written so many wonderful stories about the places you’ve been. What an extraordinary journey!

I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments. You’ve written articles for National Geographic, Travel Life, Conde Nast Traveller, International Living and more…

You go girl!!

I know back then, when you were closing in on your 30th year, you were lost. You felt like a failure. But I am happy to tell you that now… that young girl would laugh at herself for feeling that way! 🙂 You are NOT your mistakes. You are your own lesson in life… and what a grand life it is.


You followed your dreams. You ARE a successful writer ❤

Love always,

Your future self xox

Good Morning Monday!

Never fear because Monday is here!!! GOOD MORNING!! 🙂


Do you ever get that feeling when Monday morning rolls around? Of course you do… we all do. It’s those dreaded Monday’s…

“Somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s Whomp whomp!”

SO How can I inspire you today and help make your Monday A OK!?!

How about this cute picture of a TURTLE!?these_funny_animals_691_640_37





I dream of a world with turtles, as far as the eye can see
I dream of a land so lush, that highways can no longer be
I dream of a mix of colors, opportunities and wide open doors
I dream that the clouds are organic and on natural wings we soar
I dream that our lives have been saved by the people who actually care
I dream there are words of truth, rather than the lies that are full of hot air
I dream that you share my passion to make a better life for us all
I dream of a fantasy untouched, where we can all finally stand up tall ❤

~Dreams can come true… if you truly believe~

May your week be full of beautiful dreams and success!


Confessions of a 30-year-old Failure


girl-218706_1280I honestly don’t know how I keep coming back from it. I have literally failed so many times at a multitude of different things and somehow I stay alive. I am still breathing. There have been countless occasions when I have looked into the mirror with my distant hazel green eyes glazed over. The dark circles have turned to puffs…

and not the delicious cream filled kind either.

I feel the decline. That downfall that rips my emotions down the never-ending rabbit hole only to fall into the same life. The same old rat race we call “living”.
The tears pour out like trickling waterfalls that have finally dried up and the last microscopic elements of the water linger in the corners of my canthi while I just stare. I stare into space not really looking at myself but at the vast everlasting universe behind the sadness.

I hate myself. I am a failure. I have once again failed and I feel nothing but pain and bitterness. Why does this keep happening to me?
I try and try and stay positive through the whole grueling process, but here I am… a failure.
I am alone.


If you have ever felt this feeling than you know how much it hurts. Failure is not a very pleasant experience.

So how do you move on from it?

Well I would like to tell you that everything will work out.
I would like to say that this feeling will pass.
I would love to tell you that I have bounced back from every failure I have ever encountered.

But alas, I can’t tell you any of those things because I am not a psychic for one, and I haven’t bounced back from a lot of my failures. I still sit here and beat myself up constantly and sometimes I feel that maybe being a failure is all I will ever be successful at.

Pretty uplifting right?!

images238GCQHHAll I can say is this:
Failure is not you or me or anything we do.

Failure is everything.

Everything on this planet is failing.

I look at it as a sign that the only way to go now is forward. Moving on is tough when everything around us is crumbling.
So I own it.
I sit in my failure and bask in its inevitable grip.

Do you remember the saying you heard all the time as a little kid:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!”

Well that’s just life. Life is full of failures and we just have to keep trying. If we do not fail at anything then we leave the earth never succeeding.
Failure is success and success is failure. You can’t have one without the other.

When I was 22 years old I became a Dental Assistant. Soon after that happened I ended a 2 year relationship. Fail. Then I went travelling and put myself so far into debt that I had to borrow a large amount of money from my little brother just to get by in the following years. Fail. Then I had to quit the dental assisting because I was miserable. Fail. 4 years ago I became a Personal Trainer and it’s been a constant struggle to make a living. Then 2 days ago I got canned from a new fitness studio in town because after a day of training, they didn’t think I was the right “fit” for the company. Fail. I’ve also tried 4 different multi-level marketing companies… FAILED! I tried to be a musician for a few years… FAILED!

I have failed at everything I’ve tried so far and I am still here. I am still breathing.

I am 30 years old and still looking for my dream job… And I am ok with that.

So if you have failed at anything recently and feel down in the dumps, I just hope you know that you are not alone. I’m right there with ya!! 🙂

So let’s move on to the next thing, whatever it may be and let our failures be our guide.

~Let us embrace our failures.~

I would rather fail at everything I do rather than never do anything at all and have a butt-load of regrets when I die. Life is what it is and that’s what we have to remember.

So GO, get out there and FAIL! For whatever happens… there is always something else to try. And that’s the only advice I have as a 30-year-old failure.

Try try again xo