Good Morning Monday~My Road. My Path. My Picnic.

Good Morning Monday!!

I’ve walked along the road to nowhere
Each step I take a heavy lift
For my memories and thoughts weigh me down from time to time
Through the openings I learn to sift

The flours that bake the breads are turned
Toss the ingredients to make the mix
Bake the life with the heat on high
Random words and rhymes give me my kicks

My road is a road no one else can go
The tranquility no one else will know
My recipe is a secret just for me
The dough will rise and my footsteps will be

This path brings health and food and wealth
Colors are vibrant and my garden grows
I have my basket full of goodies
A picnic awaits as my little seeds are sown

Patience follows me down the turns and curves
With a skip in my step my goodies bounce
Once at my destination I unfold my blanket
And relish in my journeys gifts and my footstep counts

May your road bring you to your own destination πŸ˜€ A picnic for one; bountiful and rewarding xox


Good Morning Monday!~ Can I ask?

Good Morning Monday!

Can I ask you how you are doing today?
Is your day going to be just another day?

Will you have a case of the Mondays?
Are you expecting excitement or boredom?
What shall you say?

Do you have some free time to answer these questions in a tiny short rhyme?

Let’s play a game!

In the comments below tell me how you think your day will go?

Will you make it the best!? Will your skills and abilities be put to the test!?
Will you follow the leader or honor a guest?

Is your morning getting off to a great start?

Please let me know and don’t leave me in the dark! πŸ˜€

How will you change the world today?
Will today be glorious?
What shall you say????

Connect, share and tell me a story πŸ™‚

Only if you wish to spell it out… to dish. Will the day be fabulous and totally delish?
And if not that’s absolutely Β A OK. I just want you to have a wonderful day.


Good Morning Monday :) Smiles all smiles :)

Good morning Monday πŸ™‚

Smiles all smiles
What is a day worth living without a smile?
Smiles bring good mornings
The sun has already kissed my skin
Garden seeds germinate and bears come out from once they did hibernate
Bugs and more bugs and little bites when they come out at night
Sow the seeds of life
Sustain all that can be sustained
Breathe the blossoms’ sweet scents and all the rest

elf-596155_1280Smiles all smiles πŸ™‚

Smile and get a smile back just for you
A laugh, a chuckle
I can’t wait to pick blackberries and fill the bucket
The summer breeze makes me want to be outside all day
A seat up front to watch the veggies grow
Hydrate and pollinate
A big hug for a tree
A mindfulness of what is oh so green
Smile with nature

Smiles all smiles πŸ™‚

Happy Monday πŸ™‚

Good Morning Monday~Choices

~Good Morning Monday~

We all have a choice to leave
We all have a choice to stay
We all have a choice to be silent
We all must choose what to say

Some of our choices involve pride
Some of our choices take strength
Some of our choices are instant
And some of our choices have great lengths


A choice mayΒ have a consequence
A choice may have a heavy weight
A choice may include a sacrifice
A choice to open or close the gates

Many choices have compromise
Many choices are extremely hard
If choices were meant to be easy
The answers would be in the cards

So choose your circles wisely
For our lives depend on our choices
The choices we make are ours to keep
We must listen to our little conscious voices

yes-238371_1280 yes-238372_1280 yes-238373_1280

Whatever it is you choose, may it bring you happiness and love xox



Good Morning Beautiful! :)

Yes I am talking to you πŸ™‚ Good morning beautiful!!

I just want to say how beautiful you are today
And every day for that matter
So don’t you listen to that chatter

The voice inside that keeps you shy
The silly useless self doubt
Those people who always try and figure you out

It doesn’t matter what day, what they say or if you happen to be gay
You are beautiful in every way xo

I may not know you or see your face
We may never cross paths or be in the same space
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand
It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man

You are beautiful!! πŸ˜€

It doesn’t matter what you have done
You may be weathered from the bright sun
You may have already heard this today
But you are beautiful I must say

Maybe you don’t hear it enough
So here’s a hit of the really good stuff
You may not feel this way…


You are beautiful πŸ™‚ I just wanted to say πŸ™‚

I hope you have a beautiful day!



Good Morning Monday! Cherish this Life xo

horses-482594_1280~Good Morning Monday!~

I want to try harder to cherish this life
Each and every breath inhaled with delight
I am so grateful for air and if it vanished
so would my sight



I shall not take for granted my “necessities”
If my house burns down I know where my priorities would be
To spread a message that all will foresee

How do we do what we love and love what we do?
Find a special path that will guide us straight through
Willing to live with old privileges renewed

There is always a way I always say
The violins and cellos play
Bring in the harmony’s sweet display

So I will not blind my only sight
I will inhale each breath with pure delight
Because I want to try harder to cherish this life xo


Loving vibes xox ~T



What Would We do? In the Dark and Hidden from Technology

It’s amazing how many things you can miss while taking a short break from social media. After only two weeks of non-stop business learning at UVic, I’ve come back a few times to discover that some blue and black dress has blown up on the internet setting people into a frenzy because it actually looks white and gold. Just before that there was a blogging uproar and the blogosphere turned upside down after two amazing blogs set some impressive and apparently overpowering records. I feel like I’m out of loop already!

Free verse and my poetic mind. I can’t believe the speed of these times… there’s no rewind.

A blackout?

Numbers pile up as statistics run wild and technology rapidly increases faster than babies are born and all the while I sit here in a little corner of the interwebs and wonder to myself…

What would happen if it all just disappeared?

What would we do??

We would be in the dark and hidden from technology.

Maybe it’s because I’m really upset that Revolution was cancelled, but I have dreams of the power going out for good and finally being “off-grid” officially and forever.

If it actually happened we could totally bring back those tin can string telephones and have to walk miles speak-238488_1280just to say hello to people and friends in the same town. We would never know where anyone was anymore so we would have to come together once again and send telegrams and bring back horse carriages and forget about cars…

*Day Dreamers*

Unfortunately there would be no heat in winter. That would suck… but that’s OK because we would just burn our furniture and cars. We could live in huts in the forest and let all the plant life take over the cities and we would no longer see the concrete jungle…

The stars would be brighter.


Would time melt away?

Sometimes my mind goes crazy.


~Good Morning Monday~ Breathe


Good Morning! Let us all close our eyes and breathe…

~Our minds expand out to take in the extra knowledge
We learn

Divine consciousness and the desire to breathe in more and more
Fill the lungs with life and energy
Free the mind

Inhale and exhale slow and steady
Take in the day

Close the eyes and look to a happy place
Peace within

We have everything and anything we want within the walls of flesh

We are all more than meets the eye

We will conquer our fears~



~Have a beautiful week!~

Love~T xox


Good Morning Monday!

Well hello Mr. Monday Morning! πŸ™‚

Possibilities are endless today
Spread those wings and fly far far away
To a land where only the dreamers can go
Where there are beautiful bodies of water that dance and flow
Clean fresh air and the greenest of greens
No hate no dangers no bully’s being mean

Day dreamer, let me show you the way
Let me tell you how we can live day to day
In this; a world that you’ve always dreamed of
Where you can fly high up above
All you have to do is close your eyes
And imagine yourself in that glorious blue sky

Take a hand and guide them all through
If we are to succeed this we must do
To show them the beauty that lies within
It’s the first step in which we have to begin
There is so much love

And we are ALL capable of…

Sharing our dreams and inviting everyone too

Let us day dream forever in a world that is brand new xox


Have a wonderful week full of lovely dreams!!


You Are Here. So Be Here xo LOVE!


~I’ve written posts like this before… and I will continue to write them again and again. It is the only message that matters. You matter xo You are here. So be here.

People may criticize you and I for believing; for having hope. Haters will hate. Pessimists will demonize. They just need a little love xo

Hard times will be had by all every single day. Things will not go your way and you may not finish what you have begun. There will be days when getting out of bed seems pointless. You will have a broken heart time and time again.

Someone will hurt you. Some day your world will crumble… maybe today is that day.


You are here. So be here. LOVE!

As people, we have a choice. We have the ultimate decision. We choose what tomorrow will bring.

Some day you may fallΒ down that rabbit hole and spiral around and around out of control until you can no longer see what is happening on the walls of the tunnel. You may not see it, but it is there. You may not feel it, but it is there. Inside you…

Love xo

I spread this message of love to all of you who are reading my words because I’ve seen it time and time again. Love that is lost and love that is stagnant. It may be dormant, but it’s still right here with you.

See the beauty, the colors and all of the LOVE that surrounds us. Capture it!

I have seen bad days and I have lost many people who I’ve loved dearly. I have been down that rabbit hole many times and I have stayed in bed for too long, crying too many tears. But love is here within me. Love is all around us. This message of love is for all of us to share. Share with those who need it most and shoot that love out of your heart to those who don’t accept it.

Because one day they will see. One day they will accept the love they deserve and spread that love to those who need it.

We are ALL here. So be here. LOVE!

People may read this post and think. “Not again…” and cringe or sigh because I keep shooting out of my heart this love they do not know how to accept. But I will not cease. For it is only love that will bring us through these hard times. It is ONLY LOVE that will heal the world and it is only love I want to give.

So be here. Have the love we all need. Share the love.

You are here. So be here. πŸ™‚ And invite everyone else to be here too. A tiny bit of love goes a very long way. How will you spread love today?

Love ~T