Good Morning Monday!

🙂 Good Morning Monday! 🙂

I’m back in action after a two-week hiatus from my dear little blog and I’m so full of posts to post about!

School has taken over.

Going back to school makes me feel young again. Not that I don’t always feel younger than I am, but I feel like school has brought out the kid in me again. You know how sometimes you get jaded about certain things because you are older. I don’t want to be like that anymore so I have decided to stop worrying so much about the future and live in the now.

A classmate of mine is making a yearbook so we can capture all of our memories from this short 12 week program. I feel like I’ve gotten so close to some of my classmates that we are really just like a family. A family of students who are all on the same path to find ourselves and learn new things.

Finally I’m engaged and challenged in a way I’ve needed for a long time.


My wonderful friends from the business program have helped me find who I really am once again:
A leader.

After doubting myself for so long I can finally say that I feel like me.
The real me.
That natural-born leader I have always been on the inside. 🙂

Here’s to new friends and new obstacles in life.

New challenges make life interesting 🙂

Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for this weeks posts!!



Good Morning Monday :)

Good Morning Monday!


A new game, the next play
What will the words say?
In the comforts of my mind I will lay

A rise to a new
In my eyes the sky’s blue
My visions created through and through

Knowledge and learning
My heart has been yearning
For change in the clocks hands that keep turning

Grace in my process
What makes the least nonsense
I will finally roll out the contents

My drive and decisions
No mistakes or collisions
In the sensory prolapsed revisions

Hale to the skies
I will see by and by
The marbles unraveled inside

Try as I must
No more wonder lust
All these questions to be left in the dust

So many ways
To fulfill the bright days
Right here is where my heart stays


Happy Monday! 🙂


Good Morning Monday *A New Beginning*

snail-456965_1280Good Morning Monday! I’m ready for a new beginning.

It’s a fresh start to a new year and whatever the future holds, only we can make it happen. Our future is what we make it to be. As most people do, I was stuck in a rut last year for a long time. I lost a job I really wanted and had motivations lagging so far behind me that they just never caught up. A mind and soul jumbled in losses and let downs.

But why did this happen to me? Because I let it.

I let my emotions and heart ache get to me. I was dragged down by my own self doubt. But now I can look back and learn from my mistakes as everyone does as one point or another. Going through a “Lull” doesn’t make me any less of who I really am: A Go Getter!

It’s time for a new beginning. 😀

Moving into a new place was a first step. Leaving old memories behind but not forgotten, putting personal things in different places in a whole new space and starting new routines as I prepare to go back to school next week. This will be the same action in my mind: new thoughts, new ideas and brand new motivations.

2015 is a new start for everyone! So I share my woes with you and put my experiences out there so that if ever you are stuck in a place you think you cannot escape… just know you can always turn it around. There is hope for all of us that fall from time to time. No one is alone in this feeling of hardship.

We all go through it and we all have the abilities to break free and start a new.

I believe in you!!

Whatever the hardship may be, whatever tiny little “Lull” we were in… let us rise above and move on together. For that is what this world is here for. For us to change it… and to change ourselves for the better. xo

Here’s to new beginnings whether they are big or small 🙂 It is up to us to have it all!


Have a beautiful week full of new memories!



Good Morning Monday!

Well hello Mr. Monday Morning! 🙂

Possibilities are endless today
Spread those wings and fly far far away
To a land where only the dreamers can go
Where there are beautiful bodies of water that dance and flow
Clean fresh air and the greenest of greens
No hate no dangers no bully’s being mean

Day dreamer, let me show you the way
Let me tell you how we can live day to day
In this; a world that you’ve always dreamed of
Where you can fly high up above
All you have to do is close your eyes
And imagine yourself in that glorious blue sky

Take a hand and guide them all through
If we are to succeed this we must do
To show them the beauty that lies within
It’s the first step in which we have to begin
There is so much love

And we are ALL capable of…

Sharing our dreams and inviting everyone too

Let us day dream forever in a world that is brand new xox


Have a wonderful week full of lovely dreams!!


Good Morning Monday!

A good morning Monday to you!

hand-302802_1280Change is in the cool winter air and I know that change must start with me
There is so much good in the world I want everyone to see
I won’t focus on the negative because that will drive me mad

I don’t want to feel angry, hurt or sad

When an adorable little girl dances in a subway station and others join in
When a young student pushes herself so hard she can’t feel her legs but she still wins!
An elephant sees the ocean for the first time and is filled with joy
A sea creature on a dinner plate is mourned by one loving little boy

There is so much good in the world to see
We must be the change we have to be
When a man leaves his career behind to feed and care for the poor
All a dying girl wants are Christmas cards for her last Christmas… she wants nothing more
A mother dies and leaves behind a beautiful baby
A father is tragically killed but his son is saved and his mother thinks, “Just maybe…”

She will thank and honor those who were there
She will cherish each person who cared
Cared enough to not think twice… they did what they had to do and finally someone came through to say, “Thank you.”

If you look hard enough you will see that we are the change the world needs us to be xox

Have a wonderful week full of change and hope 🙂


Good Morning Monday!


Good Morning Monday my friend

I want them to be real; to no longer pretend
To unlock the door and let us in
That is where we all must begin
I don’t want to sit in the dark all alone
Controlled by media, computers and phones
Reach out your hand and feel the real touch
I’m telling you now it doesn’t take much
To remove the walls and the stones and the bricks
To eliminate all of the lies and the tricks
How come they don’t want to be one?
They want to control us with democracy and guns
It’s all about money in the true bitter end
They’d rather have dollars than have us as friends
To dictate, to rule, to poison our schools
They want to look generous, powerful and cool
But the few of us who know
We’re not your regular Joe’s
We will stand together as one

Maybe one day they will realize we can all harness the power of the beautiful sun?

Stay together to fight for our freedoms.

Our minds are ours… not their’s to control.

Unlock the door and throw away the key
I am asking you now… why can’t we all just be?


Good Morning Monday!

traffic-lights-66309_1280What do you know it’s Monday again
A message in a bottle I’d like to send
Just to be here, to laugh, to fear and to cry
To wake up every morning not wondering why
Why I am living the life that I am
Why others sometimes just don’t give a damn
Why don’t I wonder you may have to ask
Well let me tell you it’s no easy task
To love and to cherish each part of me
To find the acceptance; to finally just be
Letting go of the gloves and the boxer inside
Trying my hardest to not run and hide
For here I am standing with a purpose that’s just
A body and mind that I love is a must
For no matter whats failures I’ve come across
I know now that I am my own boss
I make everyday the way that it is
And if I succeed I can’t just dismiss
The progress, the work the dedication and strive
I’m breathing, I’m doing, I’m staying alive
I live for myself and I do what I love
And I will continue until my soul rises above
We must look in that mirror each and every day
And love ourselves in every possible way ❤

It’s the one thing that matters most and yet the hardest thing to do. Love yourself ❤

You are wonderful and deserve to have a beautiful week full of love, hope and happiness 😀

Have a great week!!



Randoms Week Day 1: BLOG GAMES! Let’s get to know each other :)

~Hi friends and WELCOME to T’s first round of BLOG GAMES! Feel free to reblog, invite friends or just enjoy the games.

Every day for the next 7 days I will be posting something TOTALLY RANDOM to get to know my fellow bloggers 🙂 That’s right… I want to get to know YOU! Interactive blogging is the best way to get connected and learn about your fellow bloggers.

A favorite quote, an awesome book or a random game… stay tuned to see what’s next!

For today MONDAY we are going to start by playing our first blog game:


How to play: I’ll start by asking 5 questions. Place all of your answers in a row from #1 to #5. What is the final combined answer? The final (random) answer is:
the name of a new mobile restaurant you are about to open 😀 JUST FOR FUN!

1. What is your name?

2. What is your favorite color?

3. Pick a random word that is more than 4 symbols.

4. What is your favorite food?

5. What kind of vehicle do you drive? Or name something with wheels.

Alright friends here is my example answer: Tanya’s Red Inconspicuous Pizza Wagon  😀

(hehe I don’t drive)blog-92132_1280

Now you know a few things about me AND you know the name of my new mobile restaurant!



Write your answers in the comments below to play
LET’S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER! Add your blog link if you ‘d like, start a conversation with someone who shares similar interests and let me know what you think of BLOG GAMES!!

Check back in tomorrow for game #2


Good Morning Monday!

apple-256263_1280~I am so incredibly excited today! GOOD MORNING MONDAY!! Whoooo 😀 😀

Why am I so incredibly excited you ask?

Well, today I am going to meet up with Greg Pratt, my previous Freelance Journalism instructor from UVic, to have an interview with him about his awesome career in Journalism.

Why am I having an interview with Greg you ask?

Well I had this sweet story idea, so I pitched it to a local newspaper at the University of Victoria called the Martlet and I recieved an instant reply to write a feature for the paper!! 😀

Look MOM I’m a real Journalist!!!

The Martlet newspaper is a great independent publication showcasing a handful of amazingly talented writers from right here in Victoria.
his newspaper has a wonderfully driven purpose to share information, break down social barriers and run as a society of like-minded people. It’s extremely community oriented and focuses on a range of meaningful topics. I was quite touched by a recent feature called “Following Brian’s Bliss” written by Kier Robins, about a professors passing. You can read the heartwarming article here.

Finding a mentor is very important to me and Greg may not realize it yet, but he is already a strong influential person in my life. What a perfect person to start my journalism career with. 🙂

I am so honored to write for Martlet. 🙂 Wish me luck! My first big story starts here!!


May your week be full of love and knowledge ❤

The tiny writer xo


Good Morning Monday…

Good Morning Monday… I’ve got the free verse poetry weirdness running through my brain again. What a surprise 😉 Does it ever make sense?

Ode to the screens full of the technologists scene… a tiny tech poem just for you:


Good Day you website masterminds
Video cassette tapes you have to rewind
Messages and links intertwined
A social network running through the mind

A bright blinking cursor an enemy
Writers block and a locked up key
Time fly’s by we’re no longer free
Imprisoned by the latest technology

An obsession, regression, oppression and recession
Glorious deception of the misconceptions
A set of compression’s on chest cavity sessions
This is a zombies affectionate confession

An evil necessity

Could we ever be without thee?