Friday Photo *Fallen* – Never Forget xo


I have fallen…

I’ll never forget the times we shared

A love so painful I could not compare

I let myself love you so deeply and true

Down in my heart, I always knew

You could not love or feel how I felt

But when you stopped to actually see me, I would completely melt

For all I ever wanted was you

Now the memories are so heartbreaking, I shouldn’t have let myself fall so hard for you

Now our sun is setting into the sea

Oh how I wanted you to fall in love with little ol me…

A sad goodbye xo

Heartbroken Monday

They say when you have a broken heart, it physically breaks

And to what extent does the this action take?

Will I ever feel the pieces come together again?

How am I? Not good, I cannot pretend

It’s like knives in my flesh stabbing so deep

It feels like I’m falling and I can’t land on my feet

For my life is now crumbling before my very eyes

As I thought we were destined to laugh, love and cry

Together we were and now our love has been shot

A bullet wound so severe, a dream this is not

I could never have imagined that you would decide to give up

I believed you would finally decide to stand up

I thought you might fight for our love that was true

But fight you could not and our forever is now through

I’m sorry I could not love you the way you wanted me to…

Sad Monday Morning… not good :(

Today I woke up to the sound of asphalt being crushed around outside my balcony. The blue fences are going up, the construction guys are shaking hands and the trucks are hauling in materials. What a site to see. 😦

Not something you want to wake up to on Monday morning…

For 7 years I’ve lived in this apartment overlooking the beautiful Olympic Mountains that stand so tall across the ocean. The cars going by are almost a whisper and the quiet little neighborhood I live in is usually very peaceful. But not today.

Today I find out that a 5 story building will be constructed right outside my backdoor. Today my quiet little neighborhood turns into a mad crazy place full of unwanted noise and a shattered dream. My dream to gaze over to those mountains for another year or two. The view of those mountains will soon be gone and the only thing to look at will someones ridiculously expensive condo.

It is a sad day indeed. My sanctuary will be void in the days to come.

I think it may be time to move 😦 10252040_10154912413135444_2426542989468821959_n