Thursday Thoughts: On Blogging 201

abstract-316309_1280This morning is just an awful, wet and miserably rainy Thursday morning, which is perfect for someone who has nothing to do but work on writing assignments. 🙂 OK I’m lying… I have dishes and cleaning to do, but who wants to do that stuff?

Last week I signed up for Blogging 201, offered by The Daily Post, along with a bunch of other wonderful bloggers who want to improve their websites. It’s been a fantastic way to meet some new people on the same path as I am, and I’m learning a great deal of information from this free course.

The first three tasks were as follows:

Write down 3 short-term goals for my blog
Audit my brand
Get read all over; mobile devices and responsive layout

My goals for my toddler blog were to double my followers by next spring, have my first guest post by the end of this month and to make an Editorial Calendar. My follower count is continuously growing which I’m incredibly excited about and I’ve gained more than 20 new followers just from the interactions through Bloggers University over the last few days. Whoo hoo!

I have my beautiful blogger friend Erin writing my blogs first guest post for Monday 🙂 So stay tuned for that awesomeness!!

Making an editorial calendar is definitely something I struggle with because all I want to do is work on my blog, BUT I am also writing a novel which needs to fit into my schedule somewhere. I’ve noticed my stats are still very inconsistent as I’ve only just begun to build my blog over the last 3 months. I do see that most of my followers love my posts about writing so I’m going to stick with my current schedule: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays… with the occasional random post on another day since I love blogging.

My brand? Well everything that has to do with tiny things… like me! I’m a tiny person so I branded myself The Tiny Writer right off the bat. I went through my entire blog and made sure everything was consistent with this. I write about tiny things and tiny accomplishments throughout my blog and it relays my sole purpose of the blog all together: to inspire others with tiny baby steps through writing and through life. What do you think? Does this brand work for me?

I’ve changed my blog to a Responsive Layout by changing the theme and adding better quality photos which helps when people are accessing my site on a mobile device.

On a side note: I’ve been learning about Copyright laws as well and have read a few stories on how bloggers can be penalized and/or sued by using pictures that are protected by copyright laws, which worried me a bit as I was using Google images for some of my pictures. Since reading these stories I have revamped my whole blog removing a whole whack of pics and replacing them with pics from FREE to use websites such as Pixabay, which is my favorite one so far. I’ve also added a bunch of my favorite Instagram photos I took myself.


Here’s a link for more info on:
Where to find Free-to-use images from The Daily Posts blog.

So if you have noticed my blog looking different lately, these are the reasons why: I’m going for the best look, the most traffic and the easiest way to optimize.
What are your thoughts on the new changes?

I’d love to hear some feedback from my followers. 🙂