BLOG GAMES finals Round 7: What’s the weirdest craziest thing about YOU?

~Happy Sunday friends!! Thank you so much to those who have played BLOG GAMES all week 😀 this has been so much fun getting to know you and I hope you have enjoyed your time.

Today for round #7 I would like to share with you the weirdest, craziest thing that’s ever happened to me!! And I would love to hear the craziest thing about you too. So here it goes!!

8 years ago I became somewhat of a famous celebrity. I am known as FACEGIRL 🙂
What is Face Girl you ask? Well, after a music festival, on Monday morning just before we packed up our bags to head home I decided to go have one last dance.

Well that moment made history!

I jumped up on stage and decided to be goofy with these crazy glasses I had and someone caught it all on tape. You can watch the video here: Face Girl Shambhala

The video went completely viral and to this day has had almost 60,000 hits on Youtube 😛

It started comment wars, had people asking me if I was the real Face Girl, a fan club was started, a party was thrown in Vancouver for me (people dressed up as me and they had the same Dj from Shambhala come play) and someone even dressed up as Face Girl for Halloween!!!! I am still known as the infamous Face Girl to this day 😀 Hahaha and that my friends is the craziest, weirdest and funniest thing about me. Cheers!!

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How about you? Got something crazy to share?? Write it in the comments below!!


Randoms Week Day 3: BLOG GAMES!! Random Facts :)

Welcome to round 3 of BLOG GAMES!

Yesterdays game had 0 challengers so if you would like to get in on some story telling action you can do so here: Game #2-Tell me a story 🙂

Today WEDNESDAY is Random Facts day.

How to play: I’ll start by telling you, my fellow bloggers, a totally random fact OR multiple facts and how I discovered that fact. Then it’s your turn to write as many random facts as you like.

Learning is fun!! 😀

I’ll go first!

Did you know that the only mammals that can get leprosy are humans and armadillos?- Read this random fact on a bathroom wall full of random facts.

There are blood vessels inside your teeth that have tiny canals and tubules just like veins.- I used to be a Dental Assistant.

The old school hat that Journalists used to wear in the 1930’s is called an “Anthony Eden”-random facts from Wikipedia trying to find the name of this classic hat.


Write your random facts in the comments below to play RANDOM FACTS!




My journey to becoming a writer. Part One: Narrowing the Niche!

It’s already Friday and I’m wrapping up all of my new-found knowledge in the beginning stages of becoming a writer. I’m going to start doing this at the end of each week so I can share with everyone on the same journey. I’ve really learned a lot this week about writing and I’m finally starting to feel more comfortable with it. The biggest thing that’s been drilled into my head during this learning process is:

You have to find your niche. SO what the heck is a niche?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Niche (/ˈnʃ/ or US /ˈnɪ/) may refer to:

Thank you Wikipedia 🙂 We just learned seven other uses for the term Niche. Who knew a Niche was a horse? Probably horse writer

A niche is essentially your writing focus. If you look up the definition for Niche Market it will basically tell you this: you have to target a particular demographic. You need to find your audience. Who is your writing speaking to?

When I thought about that question I answered: “I want to help change the world and get everyone involved. I’ll write about that!”

Then I realised that is a pretty broad topic and comes with quite a large span of sub-topics to say the least. So I had to think about narrowing it down. My head was (and still is) so full of ideas and thoughts and stories. How do you narrow down your niche?

I found the most common way to do this is to make a mind map like this one:

mind map

You put your main idea in the middle and work from the inside out. Break it down and build your structure. Bringing us back to the definition: Niche (architecture), an exedra or an apse that has been reduced in size. Kind of the same thing right?

In architecture, an exedra is a semicircular recess or plinth, often crowned by a semi-dome, which is sometimes set into a building’s façade. OR the apse from Latin apsis: “arch, vault”

You could think of it as your brain structure. BAM!

In my journey to becoming a successful writer I want to share this knowledge with others who are struggling with this process. This method has really helped me discover my niche. I can’t write about things until experience them so essentially my center subject is myself and my journey. It took me a while to figure this out. The experience, the lessons and all the essential steps I will have to take to become a great writer start here. And hopefully that means a lot of adventure in my future endeavours!

So how did you narrow down your niche? Did it take you a long time to figure it out too? Are you still trying to decide which direction to take your writing? I’m realising more and more that it’s actually quite difficult to become a successful writer. It takes a lot of time and patience just like anything else. And when your at the bottom… you have to work your way up. It’s all about the determination, structure and CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT!!

I still have so much to learn. If just finding the main topic I’m going to write about takes this long… then my first baby steps are just being taken! I am such a newby 🙂

Now the next teeny tiny baby step… to write a bunch of stuff!!

I’d love to hear about YOUR JOURNEY to becoming a successful writer too!tomatoes-447170_1280

What are your tiny goals and dreams? What is your tiny story?

The best way to learn about this stuff is to connect and share with people. Do YOU have any tips on how to become a successful writer? 🙂 I sure hope so!

Happy writing! xo